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Injured or Sick Workers Should Call Our Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Alden, PA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Alden, PAWorkers’ compensation, also known as WC or workers’ comp, is required under Pennsylvania law. Nearly all employers must obtain workers; comp insurance to cover their employees in the result of work-related injury or illness. And nearly all workers are covered by this insurance, even part-time, seasonal, or temporary workers. Workers’ comp is also a no-fault system, not requiring injured workers to establish fault—and still allowing them to recover benefits even if they were partially or completely at fault for their injury or illness. All that must generally be shown is that a worker suffered a work-related injury or illness. Despite this, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Alden, PA, know that far too many workers are underpaid or denied workers’ comp benefits.

If that happened to you, call Larry Pitt & Associates to learn how we can help you obtain the benefits that you deserve. We have over 40 years of experience representing seriously injured or ill workers throughout Pennsylvania, including right here in Alden. Learn more about how we can help you and your family during a FREE consultation with one of our experienced workers’ comp lawyers.

Common Types of Injuries or Illnesses That Often Qualify For Workers’ Comp Benefits

Except for intentionally self-inflicted injuries or for injuries and illnesses unrelated to employment, nearly all injuries or illnesses will qualify for workers’ comp benefits. However, not all injuries or illnesses are treated the same by the workers’ comp board or an adjuster. Some injuries, such as facial scarring or back injuries, are notoriously difficult to recover compensation for. Whereas other injuries, such as knee or shoulder injuries, commonly result in better awards.

Some of the most common injuries that our workers’ comp lawyers can handle for you include the following:

  • Blindness
  • Brain injuries
  • Shoulder injuries, including SLAP tears, torn rotator cuffs, labrum tears, biceps tears, joint replacements, and related injuries
  • Knee injuries, including ligament tears (LCL, ACL, PCL, MCL), meniscus tears, joint replacements, and fractures
  • Hip injuries or replacements
  • Ankle or elbow injuries, replacements, tears, or nerve injuries
  • Amputation or loss of a limb
  • Broken bones
  • Torn or ripped muscles
  • Repetitive use injuries, especially in the back, shoulder, or wrist (carpal tunnel)
  • Joint dislocations or separations
  • Cancer due to exposure
  • Lung injuries or damage
  • Wrongful death, and
  • Many other serious or catastrophic injuries that may be related to work.

Appealing an Unfair Award or Denied Claim

Workers who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses often have their claims properly handled and approved. However, some workers may receive much less compensation than they believe they deserve—especially if the board or adjuster has miscalculated the benefits. When this happens, workers are able to file an appeal. This is before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), who will hear evidence and review the award. 

Sometimes the ALJ will modify the award, and other times the ALJ will not. A worker can seek his or her legal remedies in court. However, it is a complex and uphill battle because courts will give great deference to the decision of an administrative agency and ALJ. This means that an injured or sick worker needs to obtain qualified and experienced counsel to represent him or her before a claim is awarded or denied.

Hurt in a Pennsylvania Work Accident or Due to a Pennsylvania Injury? Call Us First

Delaying calling an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Alden, PA, like one of ours at Larry Pitt & Associates, can limit your rights and compensation when the workers’ compensation board, adjuster, or ALJ undervalues or denies your claim. Do not let this happen to you—especially if you have a catastrophic injury or if you may have pre-existing injuries. Allow our skilled team with over 40 years of experience to handle your claim. Learn more about our services by scheduling a FREE consultation by dialing (888)-PITT-LAW or (877) 748-8529, or by sending us a message through our easy-to-use contact us box available here.



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