Over 40 Years

Representing Injured Workers in Lehigh Valley, PA

Representing Injured Workers in Lehigh Valley, PA


One of the BEST Workman's Comp Lawyers in Philadelphia. Guided me every step of the way, with the positive and negatives that could happen in my case. So happy I stuck with Larry Pitt & Associates
Melinda Matson

Answered or returned calls and emails in a timely fashion. The employees at this firm are working for us the employee, not the employers. Very professional.
Anna Diaz

Best Workman's Comp law firm in the Philadelphia area. 100% happy with the outcome of my case.
Donna Elmwood

Excellent, efficient service!!! Very knowledgeable staff!! Highly recommend
Sal Vito

Larry and Phyllis, just want to personally thank you for going the extra mile to help me secure my case. Really appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. The greatest workplace injury lawyer in Pennsylvania!!
Brian Woodworth

The Philadelphia Lawyer You Need In The Comfort of Your Own Home – Private. Online

Were you injured on the job? It can be a personal and financial nightmare. You work hard. You are loyal. You are looking forward to your next promotion. Then you get hurt on the job. Now what? Your boss, his insurance company, and their lawyers are not going to be your friends when you need help the most. 

You need a lawyer – a caring workers’ compensation lawyer to be on your side fighting for your case. We know you’re unsure about what to do next. We know you’re hurting. In a virtual world, you don’t have to come to us. We can come right to your home, right now, online.

Larry Pitt & Associates, a Lehigh Valley workers’ compensation firm, understands what it’s like to be hurt. They know the pain and the humiliation when the insurance company tries to deny your workers’ compensation claim. They’ve seen all the tricks like blaming you for the injury, saying you caused it, arguing you don’t deserve the financial rights you have earned. With over 40 years in the ring fighting for the rights of injured workers, Larry is tested, battle-hardened, and a proven winner. These insurance companies have met their match when you are represented by Larry Pitt and his team. They won’t let your physical injury cause you financial harm that will stress you and your family even more. They know your rights. They know the law. They know what it takes to get you all that you deserve under the law.

What You And Larry Can Discuss Right Now, Online

It’s your story, your injury, and your future. This is why Larry wants to first listen and learn what really happened. He won’t rely on what a supervisor or manager wrote in a report. Listening to you with the ears of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is key. Once Larry hears the facts from you, he and his associates can have an honest conversation about how the process works, what should do and answer your questions about what comes next. Larry can then file a workers’ compensation claim and represent you in court.

Here are some of the issues to talk about:

  • What are the advantages of workers’ compensation?
  • How do I file a workers’ compensation claim in Lehigh Valley?
  • What workers’ compensation benefits do I have a right to now and in the future?
  • Is there a deadline for filing a workers’ compensation claim?
  • How long will I be out of work?
  • If I have a lifetime injury, will I be able to return to my job?
  • What things should I avoid doing that could jeopardize my workers’ claim?
  • What medical treatment options do I have for my injury or illness and am I required to see the company doctor?
  • Am I eligible for workers’ compensation if I’m an independent contractor or was injured off the work site?
  • Can I collect workers’ compensation if I had a pre-existing condition before my accident?
  • How do workers’ compensation settlements work, and should I accept one?
  • What happens if I move my case to Lehigh Valley for a trial?

Larry knows you will get hit with a lot of questions and must make a lot of decisions once you are injured. Larry Pitt & Associates is here to help you get through the legal part of your injury. There can be a lot of fear and anxiety, a feeling like you have lost control after you are hurt and out of work. Larry and his team can’t take away the pain of your injury, but they can eliminate the worry away so you can heal and ultimately be financially protected.

Personal Injury Claims

You may have more rights than just a workers’ compensation claim. You may also have rights under personal injury law. Larry Pitt also has an established record collecting awards for back, knee, neck, and other injuries that might occur on someone else’s property. Such injuries may be caused by a defective product, in a traffic accident, or due to someone being negligent. You could very well be entitled to compensation for your medical expenditures, missed pay, and pain and suffering.

Social Security Disability Benefits

People who are disabled because of work-related injuries or diseases may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The process to collect SSD benefits can be very difficult for the average person. You have contributed to social security all these years, but it can be hard to access the money. This is why you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to navigate the system. Larry Pitt & Associates provide you with a legal team to assist you with your SSD application and to fight on your behalf if your application is denied. The goal is to ensure that you and your family are cared for and that your rights are respected.

Larry Pitt & Associates’ Lehigh Valley workers’ compensation lawyers have seen and heard it all, and here are the answers to some of the most often asked questions that you might have as well:

Workers’ compensation insurance is a form of disability insurance available to employees who are hurt or who develop an illness in the course of their job duties. These benefits are regulated by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. They are available to all Pennsylvania employees, except for contract workers and certain exempt groups.

Yes, you can. No money is required to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. Lawyers who represent injured workers are paid a percentage of the amount that they receive for their clients. This form of payment is known as a contingency fee. This means that the lawyer is not paid anything unless and until the client gets paid.

Yes, there is a time limit in which you can claim workers’ compensation. The time limit is known as a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations in workers’ compensation is three years.

An injured worker who receives workers’ compensation benefits is entitled to receive medical treatment for the work-related injury. Other health insurance is not an issue involved in the field of workers’ compensation law and would depend on the terms of employment between the employer and the employee.

Maybe. While there are cases where an injured worker must use the company doctor for a period of 90 days there are a great many cases where this rule does not apply. This is one of the most important issues in a workers’ compensation case and the issue should be discussed with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Yes. As long as you were injured while in the course and scope of your employment with your employer, you are covered. This means you have to have been injured while actually performing a service for your employer.

Yes. Our law office is structured such that a Larry Pitt employee may be contacted 24/7. If needed, you may contact a firm lawyer at any moment, seven days a week. We are ready and eager to discuss a claim with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for free by virtual consultation.

If your injury prohibits you from coming to our office, a lawyer at Larry Pitt & Associates will meet with you from the comfort of your home, the hospital, or any other location you choose by way of virtual consultations.





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