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Have you been injured at work? Do you live or work in Drexel, Hill, PA? The workers’ compensation attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates have over 40 years of experience negotiating for and representing injured workers in Drexel Hill, PA.

Call us at 1-855-744-4300 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We will evaluate your case and let you know what benefits you deserve. And if the insurance company denies your claim or offers you a low settlement, we can help you fight for an appeal.


Put 40 Years of Workers’ Compensation Experience to Work for You!

Your job is to recover from your injury, not worry about whether your medical expenses and lost wages will be paid. Let us worry about that for you. Contact Larry Pitt lawyers for your free case evaluation at 1-888-PITT-LAW and be rest assured that your interests will be vigorously represented.

Is My Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

It depends! Answer the following three questions to find out:

Are You a “Worker” as Defined in the Workers’ Compensation Statute?

Insurance companies often deny workers’ comp claims outright when an injured worker received a 1099 rather than a W-2, claiming that the worker is an independent contractor and not covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Determining whether you are an employee or an independent contractor for the purposes of workers’ compensation coverage requires a fact-based inquiry, and your status depends upon a lot more than merely whether you receive a 1099 or a W-2. We’ve argued hundreds of cases like this and we often get that worker compensated.

Was Your Injury Suffered in the Course of Your Work Duties?

Insurance companies will use any excuse to deny your workers’ compensation claim because they only make money when they don’t payout. Claims are often denied if:

  • You have a pre-existing condition
  • You were injured off-site
  • There was a chance you were doing something other than work duties at work when you were injured
  • Your injury may have been caused intentionally by a coworker or someone else on site

In cases where the insurance company alleges that the injury was not caused at the workplace or by workplace conditions, we investigate every aspect of the cause of your injury to argue that you should be compensated.

Did Your Injury Require Medical Attention and Treatment, and/or Cause You to Miss Work?

One of the common reasons insurance companies cite when they deny or underpay claims in that the injury is not as serious as you claim it is. Often it will be their doctor’s opinion against your doctor’s opinion.

In these cases, we thoroughly document the nature and extent of your injury, what medical treatment and therapies are required, and how your injury has affected your ability to perform daily tasks and your regular work duties. We are often able to get more benefits for you than were initially offered, and in cases when you can perform regular duties, we can convince your employer to offer you light duty until you recover.

What Should I Do After Suffering a Workplace Injury in Drexel Hill, PA?

You should report it to your employer and receive the medical treatment you need. Your employer will give you forms to complete, which will be sent to the insurance company. The insurance company will either deny your claim or make a settlement offer, which will likely be too low.

Don’t give up! Come in for your free case evaluation and we can tell you right then and there if you have a case.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage is Mandatory in Drexel Hill

Every employer that has at least one employee is required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, or if a large company, to request permission from the Commonwealth to self-insure.

Employers who do not carry the required insurance risk being sued by an injured employee and criminally prosecuted by the Commonwealth.

Workers’ Compensation Claims Process in Drexel Hill, PA

After you’ve notified your employer of your injury and your employer has notified the insurer, the employer is required to report your injury to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry (PDLI) within seven (7) days.

You are required to select from the list of doctors your employer provides for initial medical care. Later in the process, the insurer may require you to visit another doctor or doctors for a second evaluation. Regardless, they are required to pay your medical expenses within 30 days of receipt and pay all other compensation due within 21 days.

If your claim is denied or underpaid, you have the right to have your case heard by a workers’ compensation judge. Our attorneys have litigated in Pennsylvania workers’ comp courts for over 40 years and can help you argue your case and fight the insurance company.

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Workers’ Compensation Denial Appeal in Drexel Hill

If the judge rules against you, you still have a chance to get the benefits you deserve by filing an appeal. This is especially effective if, as of the date of your workers’ comp hearing, you did not reach maximum medical improvement and are clearly entitled to additional benefits. We have helped hundreds of workers get benefits under these conditions.