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If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you only have 21 days to report the accident to your supervisor and 120 days to file a formal application with the workers’ compensation carrier. While this seems like a lot of time if you have been seriously injured or suffer from a debilitating work-related illness, giving proper notice and submitting a complete application could be daunting. This is particularly true if you have suffered any type of permanent and debilitating condition such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or another type of severe personal injury causing extreme pain and suffering. If you need help with your application, call your workers’ compensation lawyer in Blandon, PA, for help. Reach out to Larry Pitt & Associates today.

We can help ensure that your rights to compensation are protected under Pennsylvania law. This is important because, although workers’ compensation is a “no fault” system of benefits, there are many pitfalls that could result in the denial or undervaluation of your claim. As a result, your family could still suffer severe financial hardship while you recover or remain on disability. Do not let this happen to you: have our law firm protect your rights to compensation in Pennsylvania.


Were You Injured in a Workplace Accident? Suffering from a Work-Related Illnesses? Call Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Blandon, PA for Help

Although the no-fault system of workers’ compensation often works as intended to get victims and their families quick benefits for lost wages and medical expenses, that is not always the case. Sometimes a victim may be subjected to an unfair evaluation or clearly minimized value for their injury claim. Do not let that happen to you. Call Larry Pitt & Associates to schedule a FREE consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Blandon, PA. We have over 40 years of quality representation experience throughout Pennsylvania.

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What Are Some Common Workplace Injuries?

A victim may be entitled to recover compensation for nearly any type of injury or illness caused by a workplace accident in Pennsylvania. This includes some of the following injuries:

  • Brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation or loss of a limb or finger
  • Burn injuries or electrocution injuries
  • Shoulder damage such as a biceps tear, triceps tear, rotator cuff injury, SLAP tear, bursitis, impingement, dislocation, separation, or any other shoulder injury
  • Knee injuries to the meniscus, LCL, MCL, PCL, or ACL
  • Broken bones or fractured bones
  • Torn muscles or ligaments
  • Mold, chemical, or other toxic exposures
  • Wrongful death
  • Any other type of injury or illness caused by work in Pennsylvania.

Can I Recover WC Benefits if I Was Partially At Fault?

Yes, you may recover WC benefits even if you were partially at fault for an accident. In fact, partial fault is very common in workers’ compensation claims. This is because most claims are either slip, trip and falls or motor vehicle accidents. These often have a component of comparative fault. A victim seeking workers’ comp benefits is not barred due to their comparative fault.

Will I Have to File a Lawsuit in Court?

No, not usually with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Blandon, PA. This is because most claims can be resolved through negotiations or at an Administrative Law Judge’s hearing. There are instances where a claimant may feel the percentage of disability or the amount of combination is inadequate, but with an experienced lawyer like us to help build a proper claim, that is often not the case.

How Will My Benefits be Paid?

Generally, workers’ comp benefits are paid on a regular and routine schedule like a normal paycheck. This can include direct deposit. However, there are instances where the WC carrier may opt to give you a lump sum settlement. There are huge advantages and disadvantages to this type of payment.

All individuals should receive the advice of a lawyer to ensure their rights are well protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Pennsylvania, your employer has the right to select the healthcare providers for your initial treatment. However, after 90 days, you may be able to choose your own doctor.

If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the decision. Consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can guide you through the appeals process and protect your rights.

If you have work restrictions due to your injury and your employer is unable to accommodate them, you may be entitled to wage loss benefits based on your reduced earning capacity.

The duration of benefits depends on the nature and extent of your injury. Temporary benefits may be available until you can return to work, while permanent disability benefits can be long-term or even lifetime benefits.

In some cases, you may be eligible for a lump sum settlement, which provides a one-time payment to resolve your workers’ compensation claim. Consulting with an attorney is crucial to ensure you make an informed decision.

It is illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated due to your claim, consult with an attorney to protect your rights.

Generally, injuries that occur during your commute are not covered by workers’ compensation. However, there are exceptions, such as when you were performing work-related tasks or if you were on a business trip.

In Pennsylvania, you generally have the right to request a second opinion from a specialist of your choice. However, it is advisable to consult with an attorney and follow the proper procedures to ensure coverage for the visit.