Who Can Receive Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

September 24, 2013

In 2011, there were 186 workplace deaths in Pennsylvania. Of those, the largest number of deaths resulted from transportation incidents. The workers’ compensation system provides a buffer for employees in the unfortunate case that they are injured on the job, by ensuring automatic benefits to reimburse for lost wages and incurred medical expenses. Injured employees do not need to file a lawsuit or prove someone else caused the incident to receive benefits. Following is a brief summary of who is covered by workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania.

Am I covered?

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage even if they only have one employee. Therefore, most employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits — even seasonal employees and part-time workers.

What if I was injured off-site?

Employees are covered by workers’ compensation as long as they are in the scope of employment, which may include activities not conducted on the grounds of the business site. For example, you may get into an accident on your way to do an errand for your boss.

Am I covered even if I work out-of-state?

You may be eligible to receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation if you:

  • Live in Pennsylvania but commute to or work in a different state
  • Live in a different state but work in Pennsylvania
  • Work for a Pennsylvania-based company

There are exceptions to every rule regarding who is covered. In addition, certain activities may exclude you from eligibility. If you were injured on the job and think you should receive Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can lead you on the right path to recovery.