What Is My Case Worth?

November 19, 2013

People are injured every day in car, truck and other accidents. You may suffer a burn from a defective product or prolonged illness from misdiagnosis. An important question when injured by the negligence of others is how much compensation you might receive as a result of an insurance claim or legal action.

Only you understand the loss and discomfort you experience as a result of an injury. But during a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer and expert witnesses work to put a price tag on the economic and noneconomic losses you incurred and may sustain in the future.

The long-term effect of the injury on your life is one factor considered in assessing the value of your case. For example, if you suffer a serious spinal cord injury, the path of your life is altered, whereas a laceration resulting from an automobile accident heals. That said, how do you know what your case is worth? Consider these points:

*        You cannot know how your case could be valued until you speak with an experienced injury attorney in Philadelphia. While your friend may tell you a story about someone with a similar injury who settled for a certain sum, every case is unique and requires an individual legal assessment.

*        A reputable attorney does not guarantee you how much a particular injury is worth. Since multiple factors affect the dollar value of your claim, time must pass and your injury must be assessed before an approximate compensation level is discussed.

If you were injured on the street or on the job, seek legal advice at the outset of your injury.