Legal Help: Can You Afford it?

November 15, 2013

While shopping, an item on an upper shelf catches your attention. You step up, but as you do, you slip on liquid you had not seen on the floor. You take a serious fall and break your arm.

Luckily, you do not hit your head. The store has the floor cleaned before the ambulance arrives. You have medical bills, must take time off from work and worry about your arm. As a nurse, you need strength and flexibility to do your job. Good legal help is expensive and you cannot afford to pay more. What can you do?

With more than two decades serving injured women, men and families in Philadelphia, we understand your worries after an accident at work or elsewhere. The important message is that you can get skilled legal help and you should contact an attorney quickly after any accident that causes injury. Here is why:

*        Reputable injury law firms do not charge upfront legal fees for work performed on your behalf. Most attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your case and provide options for you to consider.

*        When you move forward with your case, you discuss and sign an agreement awarding the law firm a percentage of compensation recovered for you. You pay no fees to the law firm unless it obtains money for you.

*        The amount of compensation you receive using an attorney is almost always higher than what you can obtain by working alone on an insurance claim.

The owners of the premises have a duty to keep you safe while on their property. Through rapid investigation and strong legal representation, money for your injury may be available to you. Do not wait — contact a Berks County attorney if you were injured in a slip and fall or another accident.