Worker Injured at Philadelphia International Airport+

A ground crew worker was listed in critical condition after being seriously injured at Philadelphia International Airport. According to police, the 60-year old man was caught under a pushback tug for a departing flight. Pushback tugs or tractors are vehicles used to push airplanes back from the airport gates – a procedure called pushback.

The man reportedly worked for a ground handling company based out of Dubai, which is now conducting a formal investigation to determine the facts. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are also investigating the incident.

Types of Airport/Airline Worker Positions and Hazards They Face

Airport/airline workers face different risks and hazards, depending on the duties of their particular positions. The following are some of the more dangerous jobs in the industry and the hazards associated with each:

Baggage Handlers: Baggage handlers often carry heavy luggage and therefore may suffer from overexertion or repetitive motion injuries. Improper lifting techniques can lead to musculoskeletal injuries to the shoulders, neck, back and arms. These workers may also be injured by falling luggage, heavy machinery, and extreme weather conditions.

Flight Attendants: Flight attendants may suffer several workplace injuries, including repetitive muscle strain from pushing the beverage cart, back and shoulder injuries from lifting heavy luggage into the overhead compartment and burns from spilled hot liquids. They are also vulnerable to acts of violence by passengers and slip and fall accidents in the airport.

Food Service Workers: Food service workers in airports face hazards associated with the food service industry, including hot stoves, sharp utensils, and spilled liquids. These airport workers may suffer on the job sprains, strains, repetitive stress injuries, burns, and exposure to toxic chemicals.

Gate Crew: These workers make boarding announcements, deal with standby passengers and handle various other customer service issues. Because they deal with demanding passengers, security threats and constantly-changing schedules, gate crews may suffer from chronic work-related stress, which can lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes.

Maintenance Crew: These workers are tasked with ensuring the safety of the airport. They often work with dangerous equipment and lift heavy loads; therefore, maintenance workers are at risk of sustaining sprains and strains, broken bones, and head injuries. They also typically work outside and are therefore exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Ramp Agents/Ground Crew: Ground crews often suffer from occupational noise exposure. These workers are exposed to high levels of noise from aircrafts, fuel trucks, and airport equipment daily, which can lead to permanent hearing loss, insomnia, and other health problems. They are also at risk of suffering injuries from caught in/between accidents and being struck by ground operations vehicles.

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