Can Injured Nurses Get Workers’ Compensation?

September 20, 2016

Like firefighters, police officers, and other people whose jobs require them to assist the public, nurses have a lot on their shoulders when it comes to their jobs. They have to perform numerous tiring tasks, such as lifting and moving patients, and watch out for various dangers, such as slippery floors, sharp objects, and infectious diseases. As a result, they often get injured while working.

Some Philadelphia nurses may wonder if they can get workers’ compensation for their injuries. The answer is yes, they can. With the help of a skilled Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer from Larry Pitt & Associates, injured nurses can get the help they need to protect their families and seek medical treatment.

When are nurses’ injuries covered by workers’ compensation?

Any time a nurse is injured in the course of doing his or her work, that nurse may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The most common places where a nurse is likely to be injured include:

  • In emergency rooms
  • In loading areas for patients brought in by ambulance
  • While working in a nursing home
  • While providing at-home care for hospice patients
  • In private doctors’ offices
  • While handling blood work

What kinds of injuries do nurses normally sustain?

Because nurses are almost always on the move, they can sustain a wide variety of injuries during the course of their work. For example, they often injure, strain, and sprain their wrists, elbows and shoulders while attempting to lift patients from a stretcher onto a bed. Constant movement means extra pressure on ankles, knees and hips, and an increased chance of slipping and falling, too. In addition, they often overexert themselves, as they repeatedly perform tiring tasks.

Nurses also have the added danger of working in areas contaminated with infectious diseases. Catching a cold for a sick patient is one thing; pricking oneself, or being bitten by a patient with a communicable illness, is quite another.

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