What Should You Do After a Car Accident?

November 22, 2013

You did not see the car before it hit you. Like anyone else, you are shaken up after an accident. You think you are okay, but you do not really know what happened, or even what to do next.

If you are in an automobile accident, the steps you take after the car stops moving can affect a legal claim you may have or that someone may have against you. After a car crash, take these important actions:

*        Remain still if you are injured. If you are not injured, carefully get out of your car and provide help to others who may be injured.

*        Call 911 or direct someone to call 911 and report back to you if there are injuries or cars are damaged.

*        Set out flares or hazard triangles to warn oncoming motorists of the accident scene. Stand away from vehicles and encourage other parties to do the same.

*        Use a camera or cell phone to obtain photographs of the accident scene prior to removal of the vehicles. Photograph the roadway, relevant signs, skid marks and debris.

*        Obtain contact information from witnesses to the accident.

*        Say as little as you can. Do not apologize for an accident even if you believe it is your fault.

*        Provide a statement about the accident to law enforcement, but do not accept blame.

*        Obtain a medical assessment and follow through on physician recommendations and appointments. If first responders suggest a ride to the hospital, take the ride.

To preserve your rights after a car accident in Chester or throughout Delaware County, speak with an experienced attorney at the outset of any accident that causes injury.