Treatment for Knee Injuries

Knee injuries cause significant pain and difficulty because we use our legs and knee joints for so many everyday activities. Whether walking, bending, climbing stairs, lifting, playing sports, or even driving a car, the knee is an integral part of the body we use regularly.

Knee injuries can happen in a variety of situations and can be acute or cumulative from repetitive activities or work duties. When the knees are injured, walking and performing normal actions such as one’s job become difficult or impossible unless addressed through treatment or even surgery.

Types of Injuries

Knee problems can be acute or can develop over time from repetitive motions and long-term joint stress. Knee injuries in the workplace are among the more common types of injuries that happen. The first thing to do when a worker develops pain in the knee is to get an accurate medical assessment and file a workers’ compensation claim. Employees are entitled to coverage from the workers’ compensation system for injuries or illness that are a result of workplace duties. It provides coverage for medical treatment and a percentage of the employee’s lost wages.

Meniscus tears are one common type of knee injury. This happens when the cartilage weakens and tears and can happen to anyone but occurs more frequently in older workers. This can cause significant discomfort, difficulty walking, or immobility. Symptoms such as pain and swelling are treated medically through anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections, but treatment can also include surgery for serious cases.

Knee strains and sprains are also frequently seen in the workplace. A strain is caused by overextension or stretching of muscles or tendons around the knee. Knee sprains can be more serious and consist of damage to the ligaments that stabilize the knee. The ACL, MCL, and PCL (types of ligaments) are terms likely known to sports fans due to their frequency in a variety of professional athletes. Yet these ligament injuries do not only happen to pro athletes but can happen to anyone from high impact or physically demanding work.

Other knee issues include bursitis, dislocation, and fractures. Regardless of the specific diagnosis, if it happens on the job, it is essential to report it to the employer and begin the process of filing a claim for compensation. Sometimes employees wait to report an injury but documenting the work incident and type of work is time sensitive and must be done as soon as possible in order to have a strong claim. In any situation where a worker is injured due to performing their job, the guidance of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer is highly recommended to preserve your rights.

Treatment for knee injuries, like other damage to major joints, can be a long process and can require significant recovery time, medical care, rehabilitation, or surgical intervention. Because for most people, standing and walking are necessary daily activities, it is critical to get the right treatment and care to ensure the knee is fully healed before resuming normal activities. Being aware of your rights after a work injury and having an experienced lawyer on your side is key.

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