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Each day we all interact and use a wide array of products. For example, consider the number of products and consumer goods in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, and then there’s your car or truck and all the items you use at work from computers to coffee makers. On any given day, you could use a defective product that causes you injury for which you are entitled to recover compensation.

When you are injured by faulty construction, manufacturing defect, marketing defects, safety risks, design defects, insufficient warning labels, or other defects, you may a product liability lawsuit.

Product liability is an area of personal injury law that requires specialized knowledge and experience of defective products, negligence, and personal injury. At Larry Pitt & Associates, our product liability lawyers are dedicated to providing knowledgeable, compassionate legal representation for victims of product liability in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania.


Our Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers Will Fight For You

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates have extensive experience handling Pennsylvania product liability cases and are dedicated to helping victims recover financial compensation for their injuries suffered from dangerous or defective products throughout Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. If you or someone you know has been injured by a dangerous or defective Pennsylvania product or has suffered wrongful death due to a Pennsylvania product liability matter, contact us today and let us provide you with the knowledgeable legal representation that you deserve. We are proud to serve clients throughout:

What is Product Liability?

Product liability is a form of legal responsibility applied to manufacturers, suppliers, and other parties in the chain of parts, manufacture, and distribution for injuries caused by a defective product. Product liability includes claims based on:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Failure to warn
  • Breach of warranty
  • Misrepresentation regarding a product’s performance
  • Marketing defects
  • Insufficient warning labels

In order to hold a company responsible and for you to obtain financial recovery for defective or dangerous products, a personal injury lawyer will have to prove that the product was dangerous and that it led to your injuries. This is the essence of all personal injury cases and is the core of the experienced Philadelphia product liability lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates.

Our defective product lawyers have decades of experience with product liability lawsuits. They know how to seek compensation for serious injury, medical bills, medical expenses, and other damages. These are complex legal matters and when trying to hold a product manufacturer liable for a particular product it takes an experienced legal team.

If you have been injured due to a dangerous or defective product produced by a Pennsylvania company and are looking for experienced Pennsylvania product liability lawyers that can help you understand your rights as an injured consumer and navigate the Pennsylvania court system, then our attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates may be able to help you recover financial compensation for your losses. Our Pennsylvania product liability lawyers understand that victims of serious injuries caused by unsafe products need someone who is willing to fight for justice and make sure they are properly taken care of.

What are the 3 Types of Product Liability Claims?

  1. Manufacturing Defects: A product that does not comply with the manufacturer’s design specifications or instructions, resulting in an unsafe product.

  2. Design Defects: When a product is deemed defective due to faulty design, even when properly manufactured and used as intended.

  3. Failure to Warn: When a manufacturer fails to provide adequate warnings of potential dangers associated with a product’s use or instructions on how to safely use the product.

Each of theses product liability claims is unique and to bring product liability lawsuits you will need an experienced product liability lawyer who has handled cases involving defective or dangerous products. A free initial consultation with one of our defective products lawyers will help you understand the legal issues, who can be held liable and how defective product lawsuits work.

What Qualifies as a Defective or Unreasonably Dangerous Product?

Under Pennsylvania product liability law, a product is considered unreasonably dangerous or defective if it does not perform as safely as an ordinary consumer, or reasonable person, would expect when it is used in the intended, foreseeable way and in the way it was designed and marketed to consumers.

There are also potentially dangerous products, which are covered in this area of consumer product law. Potentially dangerous products include faulty electrical appliances, medical devices, automobiles, and firearms.

Pennsylvania product liability attorneys can help injured victims recover financial compensation for their damages and losses related to Pennsylvania product defects. Contact us today at Larry Pitt & Associates for a free consultation and case evaluation. Our Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers will fight diligently on your behalf to get you the justice you deserve. We are here for you! Call now at 1-888-PITT-LAW.v

What Kind Of Injuries Are Covered In A Defective Products Lawsuit?

A defective product can cause a variety of severe injuries for which a person can collect monetary damages. These include:

  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Eye injuries
  • Electrocutions
  • Poisoning
  • Suffocation
  • Crushing injuries
  • Amputations
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Spinal cord injuries

As with any personal injury claim, the type of injury you have is only one factor. Your defective product lawyer will evaluate whether your injuries are the result of using a defective product, what kind of defect the product has, and who can be held liable.

How To Prove a Product is Defective or Dangerous

Successful Pennsylvania product liability claims require that it be shown that the product is unreasonably dangerous or defective. This can include proving one of the following three types of Pennsylvania product defects:

  1. Manufacturing Defects: When a defect originates during the manufacturing process, such as a design flaw, wrong parts used in construction, or an assembly error.

  2. Design Defects: When a product is designed in an unsafe manner.

  3. Warning Defects: When a product contains an inherent hazard and adequate warnings and instructions are not provided by the manufacturer.

There are other considerations in the area of product liability law such as marketing defects, warranties, implied warranties, and strict liability. Your defective product injury lawyer can evaluate your case, and determine if the company failed to meet the standard of care required and what kind of action you can take to recover compensation.

Larry Pitt & Associates is experienced and knowledgeable in Pennsylvania product liability law and will provide you with comprehensive legal guidance throughout your case. We guarantee that we will treat you with the respect you deserve, fight tirelessly for your rights, and work diligently to get you the justice you deserve.

What Is Strict Liability?

Strict liability applies to defective product law in Pennsylvania by holding manufacturers and sellers of products liable for damages caused by a defective product, regardless of fault. This means that as long as the plaintiff can prove that the product was defective, they are not required to show that the manufacturer or seller was negligent in creating or selling the product. As a result, claimants are more likely to be successful in obtaining compensation for injuries or damages caused by defective products.

In Pennsylvania, a plaintiff can prove strict liability for a product by establishing that the product was defective when it left the defendant’s possession and control and that the defect caused the plaintiff to suffer harm. The plaintiff must also demonstrate that the product was used in a manner consistent with its intended use and that any alteration of the product did not cause injury. Additionally, strict liability may be established if the plaintiff can show that even though the product met industry standards when it was made, it still posed an unreasonable risk of harm to users due to a design defect.

How Much Money Can I Collect If Injured By A Defective Product?

There is no simple answer to this question. Each case has to be evaluated by an experienced attorney in order to determine the potential amount of damages an injured person can recover in a Philadelphia product liability case.

Initially, your Philadelphia product liability attorneys will weigh how severe your injuries were; your age and health at the time of the accident; whether you have a job or not and if you were the sole provider for the family and how many members you supported; and whether you had any fault in the accident.

There are many other factors to be considered in any fall claim. There will be both economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages will compensate you for financial costs incurred as a result of the accident. The idea is to “make you whole” or in other words, put you back in the financial place you were in before the fall. Such damages would include:

  • Present and future medical expenses which includes ambulance fees, emergency room changes, hospitalization, surgery, medication, medical equipment, surgeries, and doctor visits
  • Physical therapy and other necessary and related rehabilitation treatment and costs
  • The cost of replacing or repairing damaged property
  • Lost Income and wages
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Temporary or permanent disability

These types of damages are relatively straightforward. So long as they are related to the accident, they are proven by the medical bills and expenses incurred.

Non-economic damages include:

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

These damages require a different level of proof than the economic damages as there are no bills to prove the amount. This does not mean the damages are any less real. They require the experience and knowledge of a product liability attorney. Defective product lawyers will have knowledge of how the insurance company may weigh a claim for these non-economic damages and be able to evaluate what kind of demand they may make and/or argue for in a settlement conference or at a trial.

Why Hire Larry Pitt & Associates For Your Dangerous or Defective Product Case

If you have been injured as a result of using a defective product, you deserve maximum compensation for your injuries, and someone needs to be held accountable for their negligence. Our experienced product liability lawyers will thoroughly examine the evidence in your case to determine the exact cause of your accident. We will determine the identities of all potentially liable parties and work tirelessly to get you compensated for your injuries and financial loss. Our product liability attorneys will assist in all ways necessary to make your case including:

  • Investigate the facts of your case
  • Preserve evidence
  • Locate and question witnesses and interview any and all parties who can potentially back up your claim
  • Employ experts with knowledge of defective products
  • Inspect the consumer goods involved for potential defects
  • Review your medical records to determine the extent of your personal injuries
  • Negotiate with the insurance company
  • Appear at settlement conferences and court dates
  • Litigate your case in court at trial

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Frequently Asked Questions

in Pennsylvania, retailers can be held liable for defective products if the defect was present when the product was purchased. This means that if a consumer brings a defective product to a retailer and can prove the defect existed when it was bought, then the retailer may be legally responsible to provide compensation or a replacement item.

A contingency fee is a percentage of the amount recovered in a settlement or verdict. If no money is recovered, we do not get paid. This fee is paid only after your case settles, or after a judgment is paid. In most cases, all related costs of pursuing your claim will be advanced by our personal injury law firm and will be only paid upon your recovery. Under this system, EVERYBODY CAN AFFORD TO RECEIVE COMPENSATION FOR INJURIES.

Yes, Pennsylvania does have a consumer protection agency. It is called the Office of the Attorney General – Consumer Protection. The agency is responsible for protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive business practices, ensuring accurate product labeling and safety standards, and helping to resolve consumer complaints.