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No matter what field or industry of work you are in, our Bucks County workers’ compensation lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. are here to provide you with skilled and experienced representation in your workers’ compensation claim.

Our team of workers’ comp lawyers in Buck County has represented construction workers, farmers, flight attendants, HAZMAT workers, home attendants, janitors, nurses, office workers, service industry workers, teachers, truck drivers, union workers, and more. For a free consultation, call us at 888-PITT-LAW or complete our online contact form.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates serve clients in Berks CountyBucks CountyChester CountyDelaware CountyMontgomery County, and Philadelphia County. Our team also provides skilled representation to those residing in and around Bensalem, Levittown, Croydon, Bristol, Quakertown, Morrisville, Perkasie, Fairless Hills, Doylestown, Richboro, and Telford.


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Here at Larry Pitt & Associates, our compassionate and experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Bucks County, PA, represent workers who have suffered workplace accidents and can help you and your family recover the benefits and obtain the compensation that you may be entitled to under the law. We will not let your claim get undervalued or unfairly denied.

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Employers in PA Must Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act requires Pennsylvania employers to have workers’ compensation coverage that compensates employees for medical treatment and lost wages in the event they are injured at work.

Certain employers are exempt from such coverage, including railroad workers, longshoremen, and federal employees. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system, meaning employees can receive compensation for their injuries or illnesses regardless of who was at fault. At Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C., our Bucks County workers’ compensation lawyers are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured workers in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Process

If you are injured at work, you should report the accident to your employer immediately.

It is important to include details such as what caused the accident, where and when the accident occurred, what injuries you sustained, and whether there were any witnesses. Seek medical attention and let the doctor know you were injured in a workplace accident.

Follow the doctor’s advice and keep a journal of how your injuries are interfering with your daily life, including any missed days of work or other important activities.

After receiving your initial report in writing, your employer is required to report your injury to its insurer or to the individual responsible for its self-insured workers’ compensation program. If you sustained an injury that caused you to miss time from work, your employer must electronically file a First Report of Injury to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation within seven days of your injury. You are entitled to a copy of this report.

If your employer believes your claim is fraudulent or otherwise questions the information you submitted, he or she may deny your claim. In that case, you have three years from the date of your injury to file an appeal with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits/Third-Party Claims

Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, you are entitled to compensation for medical treatment for your injury or illness. If you were out of work for more than seven days, you may also be entitled to wage loss benefits, which will begin within 21 days of the employer knowing or being notified of your injury. Wage loss benefits are based on your pre-injury average weekly wage.

You may also be entitled to compensation from third parties if someone other than your employer is at fault for your injuries. Third-party claims may be filed in conjunction with your workers’ compensation claim and often result in higher amounts of compensation, including damages for pain and suffering. Third parties often include drivers, subcontractors, property owners, suppliers, and vendors.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements

In Pennsylvania, you may receive one of two types of workers’ compensation settlements; either a full compromise and release settlement or a modified compromise and release settlement. A full compromise and release settlement allows you to receive a lump sum payment for your disability in exchange for the relinquishment of your right to receive any additional payments for potential future medical expenses. A modified compromise and release settlement also requires you to waive your right to any future disability compensation in exchange for a lump sum payment, but you retain your right to collect future medical compensation for bills related to your injury or illness. To ensure that you are receiving all entitled compensation for your work injury, make sure you have an experienced work injury lawyer representing you.

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