Shoulder Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

August 28, 2018

Shoulders injuries are very common in the workplace, but when they happen to you, you know that such an injury can create challenges you may never have dealt with before. You will have to deal with pain and decreased mobility that may cause you to lose time at work. Even so, you will still have to pay your bills while you are seeking care and rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation benefits are essential to getting the care you need and paying your bills while you recover.

A shoulder injury can happen during an accident at work, or it can be caused by repetitive motion. Although the majority of shoulder injuries occur in nursing care facilities, manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, and trucking terminals – all due to the nature of the work – they can happen in any work environment.

Common Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can occur while you are doing something you have done every day, or when an accident occurs. They can also occur because you are making the same motions over a long period of time. The following are some of the most common shoulder injuries:

Dislocation: You may actually hear a “pop” when the upper arm pops out of the socket. Immobilization and physical therapy are needed right away, and sometimes surgery is necessary. Some of the more serious complications include torn muscles, tendons, and ligaments; nerve damage; and blood vessel damage. Once you have had a dislocation, you are more prone to one in the future.

Rotator cuff injuries: Rotator cuff tears are a very common soft tissue injury. This can result in arm weakness, a dull ache, difficulty raising one’s arm, and the pain and discomfort can cause restless sleep.

Fractures: There are countless ways a shoulder fracture can occur, but they are typically treated by immobilization and icing. Pain medication may be necessary. Surgery may be required for more serious shoulder injuries – such as compound collar bone fractures and dislodged bone fragments that occur when a shoulder blade is fractured.

Impingement: This very common shoulder injury occurs when a worker raises their hands above their shoulders, irritating the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles. The result of this injury is pain, difficulty raising the arm, and shoulder weakness. Icing and pain medication are usually used to treat this injury, and physical therapy is usually required.

Bursitis: This condition is caused by painful inflammation of the small, fluid-filled bursae sacs that cushion the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that surround the shoulder. Bursitis sometimes causes disabling pain. The shoulder would appear red and swollen, and the sufferer may find it difficult to move their joint. Fever can occur. This condition is treated with physical therapy, medications, cortisone injections, and rest.

Common Causes of Shoulder Injuries

Awkward positions: Those who work in construction, plumbing, roofing, and other industries frequently maintain awkward postures that can lead to shoulder injuries.

Repetitive motions: Anyone who performs a repetitive motion in their work over a long period of time may experience this type of injury. For example, painters, drywall installers, and factory workers may be most prone to this.

Power tools/equipment: The vibrations and repeated motions associated with heavy equipment and power tools can cause painful injuries.

Falls: Tripping and falling at work is common, and can result in any type of a shoulder injury.

Lifting: Lifting heavy objects and overextending the muscles can result in shoulder injury.

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