Social Security Disability for Immune Disorders

May 31, 2016

The immune system protects us from disease, but when it is compromised, it can lead to permanent disability and leave you unable to work. Getting disability benefits for immune disorders can be complicated, but with the right help from the Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers of Larry Pitt & Associates, you can get the help you need.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are more than 80 different types of immune disorders. They are all characterized by the same condition; the immune system is unable to distinguish between harmful substances and healthy body tissue. Symptoms generally include fatigue, fever, general malaise, joint pain, or rash.

Proof of the condition is just the first step in qualifying for benefits. Your doctor may administer one or more of the following tests to confirm an immune disorder:

  • Antinuclear antibody tests
  • Autoantibody tests
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • C-reactive protein (CRP)
  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)
  • Urinalysis

Social Security treats disorders of the immune system seriously, and has disability listings that lay out the criteria for qualifying for disability for most of these diseases. For other immune system-related medical conditions, Social Security looks at how the symptoms of the disease are limiting your abilities and activities.

Disability benefits are not granted solely because of a medical condition. Instead, the SSA bases an application on what kind and how much of a limitation an immune disorder has on your ability to be gainfully employed. When the limitations are considered to be severe enough, the SSA grants disability benefits.

Sometimes, your claim can be denied even when you suffer serious limitations because of your immune disorder. When this happens, having an experienced Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer at your side can help you get the benefits you deserve. Larry Pitt & Associates can help you navigate the complicated social security disability application process successfully.

If you have questions about applying for Social Security Disability benefits with an immune disorder, please feel free to contact the Philadelphia SSD attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates to set up a consultation to discuss your case. We have multiple offices serving Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Contact us today for a free consultation.