Potential Pitfalls When Applying for Social Security Disability

July 30, 2015

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a tricky task. If the forms are not filled out exactly correct, or if there seems to be any kind of discrepancy between your application and your medical reports, the Social Security Administration (SSA) can easily reject your claim. At Larry Pitt & Associates in Philadelphia, we help people through the SSD application process often, and we have found that certain pitfalls crop up from time to time – problems that many people do not realize can impact whether or not their claims are accepted.

We want our clients to have all the facts when they come to us, so that we can help them build a successful claim or successful appeal, depending on their circumstances. You might face additional problems with your SSD claim if:

  • You collect unemployment. If you are applying for Disability, you are saying that you cannot work at all. The idea is that you need Disability because you will spend the next 12 months at least being unable to work. By collecting unemployment, you seem to be saying that you are merely out of work for now, and that you do not expect your situation to be permanent or long-term.
  • You refuse to see a doctor after the initial diagnosis. You know that you need to see a doctor when you file an application – but if you stop going, the SSA will assume you are not seeking treatment (if available) or that your health has improved. You need to be up-to-date with your medical records, and you need to see a doctor regularly, if you want to collect Social Security Disability.
  • You have a history of addiction. The SSA does not grant benefits to people whose disabilities are the result of alcohol or drug addiction. This can make it very challenging to obtain benefits even if your disability is seemingly unrelated to a prior history of addiction; if you currently struggle with addiction, it can be almost impossible to obtain benefits without the help of a good lawyer.

At the law office of Larry Pitt & Associates, our Social Security Disability lawyers help people with more complex applications. If you are hurt and unable to work, but are unsure whether or not you are eligible for SSD, we want to hear from you. Please contact us so we can set up an appointment. We are proud to help people throughout Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.