Bucks County Funeral Director Defrauded SSD and Stole Money From Clients

October 10, 2017

In a recent case of “go big or go home,” a Bucks County funeral director has been charged with defrauding his pre-paid clients for more than $300,000, and also fleecing the Social Security Disability administration for about $100,000 in benefits. He was originally arrested in April on 39 counts of forgery from a case in 2012, but when the word got out, his other customers started contacting authorities. He even forged death certificates!

What’s more, although David Wayne Faust, 52, was collecting social security disability, he was working as the director of a funeral home. According to LevittownNow, a local news source, “detectives questioned Faust on how he worked as the funeral director for the family business if he is receiving full Social Security disability benefits. He responded that his daughter was slated to take over the business and performing the majority of the work, which contradicted a previous statement, authorities said.

Social Security Disability

In order to receive social security disability benefits, you must actually be disabled. Eligibility to claim disability in Pennsylvania and nationwide requires three key criteria:

  • You must prove to the Social Security Administration (SSA) that you cannot perform at your job because of your disability
  • They will then decide if you can do another kind of work in spite of your disability
  • You must be disabled (or expected to be disabled) for more than one year

Honest, hardworking people get injured at work, have to file a worker’s compensation claim, and often have to file for disability benefits (SSD), because they can no longer work. People like Mr. Faust, who allegedly defrauded the system, make claiming and collecting disability more difficult for good people. If you are unable to work and are having trouble filing your disability claims, you might want to enlist the help of a dedicated and qualified Philadelphia social security disability lawyer.

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