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Construction work is constantly taking place throughout Delaware County. New buildings and homes are continuously being constructed. Roads are always being repaired. While all this work benefits Lansdowne and other nearby communities, it must be done safely. Construction site owners must comply with federal safety laws and local building codes. They should take steps to secure traffic and the site from accidents before any construction takes place and during the building or repair process.

At Larry Pitt & Associates, our Lansdowne construction accident lawyers understand why accidents happen, what steps should have been taken to prevent them, and who is responsible. We bring workers’ compensation claims on behalf of injured employees and personal injury claims on behalf of anyone injured who was not an employee. We also bring wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of anyone who was killed at a construction site.


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Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents often happen because the site owners and managers failed to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws. Accidents also can happen because poor equipment is used or workers aren’t properly trained on how to use their tools and work safely. Many accidents happen because companies put profit before safety. Our Lansdowne construction accident lawyers work with engineers and investigators to examine why your accident happened. We conduct extensive discovery to determine if there were other similar incidents, who used the equipment or items that caused the accident, and what safety measures were in place.

Some of the construction accident cases we handle include:

If the scaffolding is defective, we bring product liability claims against the manufacturer on behalf of anyone, including an employee, who was hurt.

  • Defective equipment. Forklifts, cranes, jackhammers, bulldozers, backhoes, and many other types of equipment are used to dig holes, level grounds, and raise structures. If defective equipment caused a loved one to die or anyone to suffer injuries, the manufacturer of the equipment can be held strictly liable. Strict liability means the maker is accountable even if it wasn’t negligent. Distributors, retailers, and others may also be responsible. Equipment can be defective if it was designed improperly, made the wrong way, or the instructions on how to use it were not correct or lacked proper warnings.
  • Electric shock accidents. Any construction worker who works near power lines, with electrical equipment, near generators, light fixtures, or wires that haven’t been grounded is at risk for electric shock, which is often deadly.
  • Falls from ladders. Like scaffolding, falls from ladders can kill someone or cause serious, long-term injuries. Ladders should not be used where other objects, such as cranes or forklifts, can strike them. They should be inspected for loose boards. Workers should be taught how to climb a ladder and how to position themselves on the top rungs.
  • Falls from scaffolding. Any site with multiple stories is likely to use scaffolding to raise and lower the worker. Falls occur when:
    • It’s too windy
    • There are too many people on the scaffolding
    • Lumber, buckets, tools, and other objects are on the scaffolding, which causes a worker to trip and fall
    • The scaffolding hasn’t been inspected for wear or tear
  • Fires and explosions. Fires and explosions can occur when using demolition devices, such as TNT or defective electrical tools and equipment. These accidents often cause catastrophic injury or wrongful death.
  • Misuse or leakage of hazardous chemicals. Hazardous materials can ignite, causing fires and explosion. Toxic spills can end a life or change it forever. Breathing in toxic chemicals can cause long-lasting health issues.
  • Truck accidents. Construction sites often use dump trucks, bulldozers, cement mixers, front loaders, and other vehicles to do their work. Other trucks may be used to bring materials into the site. We work to hold the site owner, the truck driver, and the owner of the truck responsible if their negligence contributed to your injuries or the death of a loved one.

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