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Representing Injured Workers in Lansdowne, PA

Representing Injured Workers in Lansdowne, PA


One of the BEST Workman's Comp Lawyers in Philadelphia. Guided me every step of the way, with the positive and negatives that could happen in my case. So happy I stuck with Larry Pitt & Associates
Melinda Matson

Answered or returned calls and emails in a timely fashion. The employees at this firm are working for us the employee, not the employers. Very professional.
Anna Diaz

Best Workman's Comp law firm in the Philadelphia area. 100% happy with the outcome of my case.
Donna Elmwood

Excellent, efficient service!!! Very knowledgeable staff!! Highly recommend
Sal Vito

Larry and Phyllis, just want to personally thank you for going the extra mile to help me secure my case. Really appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. The greatest workplace injury lawyer in Pennsylvania!!
Brian Woodworth

Car and Truck Accident Lawyers in Lansdowne PA

When you’re suffering from a preventable injury, Larry Pitt & Associates are the experienced car and truck accident lawyers in Lansdowne that you need. We have the experience, toughness, and resources to help vehicle accident victims get justice. We have obtained numerous large settlements and verdicts on behalf of Delaware County residents. We work with investigators, reconstruction experts, engineers, financial professionals, and your doctors to prove another driver caused your accident and that you are entitled to a significant damage award for physical pain, emotional suffering, extensive medical bills, and lost income. We also bring wrongful death claims on behalf of the immediate family members if a loved one was killed.

Fighting for Injured Drivers, Passengers, and Pedestrians in Delaware County

Statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for 2016 confirm that close to 83,000 people were injured and close to 1,200 people were killed in Pennsylvania highway accidents. Car and truck accidents are often due to a driver speeding, being tired, being distracted, or being intoxicated. Victims who survive car crashes and truck wrecks suffer serious injuries, such as spinal cord damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and muscle damage.

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Why an accident happened determines who is at fault. Car accidents can occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Driving while distracted by a text message, a cell phone call, the radio, looking at a GPS system, or for many other reasons
  • Drunk driving
  • Operating the car without due regard for the traffic conditions, including the weather
  • Speeding, passing improperly, or violating a Pennsylvania traffic law

Car parts that are defective can also cause injuries and fatalities. Manufacturers and any business involved in the sale of the defective car part can be held strictly liable (no need to prove fault) if the defect existed and caused the injuries or fatalities.

Taverns, hotels, and any business or individual that serves someone who is visibly drunk can be held liable for any accidents that driver causes. Delaware County and Pennsylvania may be liable if road designs were done improperly, or they failed to properly maintain their roads.

Types of Car Accidents

The way an accident happened can also indicate who was at fault. The manner of an accident can also indicate which injuries are most likely to result. For example, death is likely when cars are involved in head-on collisions. Whiplash and soft tissue injury are likely if one car rear-ends another.

Our Lansdowne car accident lawyers handle all accidents, including those that involve:

  • Head-on crashes. These accidents normally occur if a car is going the wrong way.
  • Multiple-car pileups. We work to show which cars crashed into the other cars and why.
  • Rear-end collisions. These crashes can happen when one driver is following another too closely or fails to apply the brakes in time.
  • Sideswipes. These accidents usually happen when two cars fail to merge correctly or one car passes improperly.
  • Single-car accidents. Normally, in this scenario, a passenger sues the driver for losing control of the car.
  • Two cars colliding. Many serious car accidents involve two cars crashing into each other.

Accidents occur on Interstate 476; U.S Routes 1, 13, and 322, Pennsylvania Routes 3 and 291; and many other highways and roads. No matter where your accident occurred, we can help you determine the cause and who was at fault.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Our Lansdowne truck accident attorneys handle cases caused by semi-rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and any type of commercial truck. Trucks can jackknife, roll over, spill their cargo, cause multi-vehicle pileups, or collide with each in the same way that cars collide. Underride accidents are also common and often deadly. Truck accidents often result in someone dying or someone suffering catastrophic or serious injuries because smaller vehicles are simply no match for the size and weight of a commercial truck.

Truck accidents can be due to defective truck parts. We seek to hold drivers and the trucking companies that hire them responsible when negligence is due to:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Drunk driving
  • Failing to comply with commercial driving laws that require that drivers keep logs
  • Failing to comply with federal and state laws that regulate how big trucks can be
  • Failing to properly inspect the trucks
  • Not obeying the rules of the road
  • Overloading the cargo or not securing it properly
  • Pressuring truck drivers to meet unreasonable time demands

Trucking companies should educate their drivers on the safe ways to operate their truck.

Speak With Respected Car and Truck Accident Lawyers in Lansdowne –  Contact Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. Today

We are your choice when you need car and truck accident lawyers in Lansdowne PA. Larry Pitt & Associates have been fighting for car and truck accident victims and their families for more than 35 years. We immediately work to determine exactly how the accident happened. We review your medical problems with you and your doctors. We make the right legal arguments and are skilled at persuading insurance adjusters, lawyers, judges, and juries of our client’s position. To discuss your case now, please call us at 888-PITT-LAW or complete our contact form. We offer free initial consultation at our Lansdowne office in Delaware County.





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