Can I Receive Workers’ Comp Benefits for a Pinched Nerve?

Workers in various industries may suffer from blunt force trauma, repetitive stress, and other injuries that can cause pinched nerves. In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation benefits are available to help injured employees recover from their injuries and return to work as soon as possible. The Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. have decades of experience representing all types of injured workers throughout the state.

Causes of a Pinched Nerve

Pinched nerves may occur as a result of various injuries. For example, when excessive pressure is placed on a nerve by surrounding bones, muscles, or tendons, it may become pinched. Pinched nerves may also arise due to repetitive motion over time. Common causes of pinched nerves include:

  • Trauma – Sudden injury to a muscle, tendon, or ligament may put pressure on nerves. A herniated disk in the spine may also cause a pinched nerve.
  • Overuse – Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive motion injury that occurs when too much pressure is placed on the median nerve in the wrist. It typically affects assembly, manufacturing, meat-packing, and office workers.

Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Workers typically recover from pinched nerves within a few days of resting the affected body part. However, if continual pressure is applied, it can result in permanent nerve damage. Therefore, it is important for workers to be able to recognize the symptoms of a pinched nerve.

Pinched nerves can cause several symptoms ranging in severity, including:

  • Burning
  • Headaches
  • Numbness
  • “Pins and needles” sensation
  • Sharp pain
  • Tingling
  • Weakness

Depending on the type of injury that caused the pinched nerve and the amount of time that pressure was continually placed on the nerve, workers may recover with rest in a few days, or they may require surgery.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Pinched Nerve at Work

Pennsylvania employees may be eligible to collect workers’ compensation for a pinched nerve injury. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, they must report their workplace injury to their employer within 120 days. Their employer will then either accept or deny the claim.

Employers may deny the claim for several reasons including suspected fraud or insufficient information. Pennsylvania workers have several opportunities for appeal if their claim is initially denied.

If an employer accepts the claim, the worker may be entitled to various types of workers’ compensation benefits, including:

  • Medical expenses – Under the Act, employees may receive compensation for all reasonable medical expenses including prescriptions, physical therapy, surgery, and other treatments.
  • Lost wages – If the pinched nerve injury causes a worker to miss more than seven days of work, he or she may be able to collect disability benefits including temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total, or permanent partial disability.
  • Vocational rehabilitation – Workers who are unable to return to the jobs they had before their nerve injury may be eligible for assistance in obtaining a new job with the assistance of the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR).

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. Help Workers Who Suffered a Pinched Nerve at Work Obtain Compensation

If you suffered a nerve injury at work, contact a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer at Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. Our experienced attorneys can help you recover the benefits to which you are entitled. We proudly represent all types of workers in Philadelphia and throughout the state. Contact us online or call 888-PITT-LAW today to arrange a free consultation.

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