You Can Collect Workers’ Compensation for These Common Workplace Injuries

July 16, 2015

According to a recent Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and Workplace Safety Annual Report, the leading industries with work injuries and illnesses included Educational & Health Services, Trade, Transportation & Utilities, and Manufacturing. If you work in any of these industries, it helps to be familiar with the most common workplace injuries. If you suffer one of these injuries, the chances are good that you can obtain workers’ compensation benefits while you are unable to work.
  • Sprain and strain injuries are the most common, accounting for over 40% of workplace injuries. They can be caused by overexertion or simply by accident.
  • Contusion, crushing, and bruising can be the result of falling objects, heavy machinery, or slips and falls in the workplace.
  • Cuts, lacerations, and punctures happen often when using power tools or other equipment. Even the best safety precautions cannot prevent accidents from happening.
  • Occupational disease can take a long time to develop after exposure to harmful conditions or chemicals. There are special provisions in workers’ compensation law for these situations.
  • Heat and chemical burns can be painful, and treatment can be expensive and time-consuming. They can also cause disfigurement or permanent scarring that entitle you to compensation.
  • Amputation or loss of use can lead to permanent lifestyle changes for you and your family. You are entitled to compensation for all of your medical expenses and any long-term impact to your life.

While these are the most common injuries reported, other injuries can include back injury, spinal cord injury, loss of vision or hearing, repetitive stress disorders, and nerve or muscle damage. If you have been injured at work, had to miss work because of an injury that occurred on the job, or lost wages because of a work-related injury, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you have suffered any of the conditions listed above, please contact the Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates today. Have a skilled attorney on your side can help you successfully claim your benefits. We have successfully represented workers in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties for years.