Union Membership and Workers’ Comp in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, we love our unions. Unions have long been the glue that holds our labor force together, and those that are a part of a professional union can have just an extra bit of pride in their work. When you get hurt during the course of employment, however, and you’d like to file a workers’ compensation claim, being a part of a union can make things a little bit more difficult. Depending on your union, profession, and the law, a Philadelphia union member might have a bit of trouble filing a workers’ compensation claim. Many unions will have lawyers that they want you to consult with, but you’ve also got to advocate for yourself. Make sure you work with a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer that knows how to deal with the special rules and regulations that come with being a union member when you get injured at work.

Unions & worker classification in Pennsylvania

There are many national unions with a presence in Pennsylvania, and some state ones as well. In fact, there are 900,000 unionized employees in our state. You might be subject to a separate set of workers’ compensation funds or restrictions if you’re a member of a union such as:

  • Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Union
  • Teamsters
  • Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses
  • Pennsylvania Electricians Union
  • SEIU
  • Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
  • United Auto Workers Union

In addition to these and others, there are over 1,000 local unions in Pennsylvania. Because unions have collective bargaining rights and responsibilities, there will often be certain details and regulations that differ from a general workers’ compensation claim. Other times, third party lawsuits will be involved in union workers’ compensation claims in Philadelphia, and you will certainly need a dedicated attorney to help you fight for your rights.

Larry Pitt & Associates has worked with our local, state, and national unions and union members on many workers’ compensation cases. If you think you have a workers’ compensation claim because you’ve been hurt while at work, please call 888.PITT.LAW or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment to have a conversation with us. We know there are often complex details about filing claims for union workers – but it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve restitution for your injury. We work hard on behalf of injured workers in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. Give us a call today!



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