The Importance of Keeping a Pain Journal Following a Work-Related Injury

There are two ways to consider damage after an injury. There is the kind of damage you can see on an X-ray or MRI scan, like broken bones and torn muscles, and there is the pain you have experienced every day since the accident occurred. 

Work-related injuries involve any injury or illness that occurs while performing your duties. You have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim, but to receive a full and fair settlement, you will need to prove the full extent of your injuries. Thorough documentation is essential in any workers’ compensation case, and a pain journal can help to identify the aspect of your injury that an MRI cannot see.

What is a Pain Journal?

A pain journal is a daily record of the pain you experience. It creates a consistent record of your pain including its severity and how long it lasts after the injury.

A pain journal has several key components for each entry:

  • Date and time
  • Severity and qualities of the pain
  • The location or general area of the pain
  • Frequency and duration of the pain
  • Any detectable triggers or associated factors

Benefits of Keeping a Pain Journal

Keeping a daily pain journal has several potential benefits. Not the least, it can help your medical providers better diagnose your lasting symptoms and seek a solution. 

However, your pain journal also provides accurate tracking of your pain progression, recovery, or lasting suffering. Pain journals can often be used to strengthen a workers’ compensation claim by evidencing the severity and duration of your injury.

Many find that recording pain also makes it easier to deal with individual pains, identify triggers, and make lifestyle choices that treat or minimize the pain over time.

How to Maintain a Pain Journal

Keeping a pain journal often starts by simply writing down details when you experience pain. However, consistent documentation is the best approach when building a book of medical evidence for both your doctors and workers’ compensation claims.

Write every day. Make a habit of recording your daily pain at specific times of day, like after waking up, during your lunch break, and before going to bed. This ensures you don’t forget to Record pain that becomes routine.

Record sudden and specific pain. If you experience pain in response to a trigger, such as a physical activity or temperature change, take time to write down the details. This can help you identify triggers and diagnose the source of your pain.

You should also explore which written format works best for you. Some prefer a hand-written journal, some keep digital logs. There are also several apps that might help you keep your pain journal, either purpose-built or simple journal and note-taking apps.

The key is simply to create a consistent record of both daily and sudden pain that you experience.

Legal Advantages

What are the legal advantages of keeping a pain journal after a work-related injury?

A pain journal can help demonstrate the short-term and long-term impact of an injury. This will help to defend your claim for compensation. Your pain journal is also strong evidence in case of a dispute or claim denial.

When building your medical proof of injury, your pain journal can provide a clear timeline for both medical and legal professionals.

Keeping a Pain Journal After a Workplace Injury

If you have experienced a workplace injury or illness, keeping a pain journal can assist in your workers’ compensation claim, your medical diagnosis, and your road to recovery. Start keeping a pain journal immediately after the injury. In a best-case scenario, you will have only a few days of entries. However, if your pain becomes long-term, your journal may be essential in claiming the compensation you need for an injury that impacts your quality of life.

Legal Support for Your Workers’ Compensation Case

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