Home Improvement Builders Can Collect Workers’ Compensation

October 27, 2015

Construction work is some of the most dangerous work there is, and your chances of getting hurt on the job are higher than those of people working in other industries. But you do not have to do commercial construction, like working on larger skyscrapers or building new structures for companies, to be eligible for workers’ compensation in Philadelphia. Home improvement builders also face dangers, and you may be able to collect benefits if you are hurt while constructing a home.

Philadelphia employees at risk

Center City Philadelphia may not have a lot of new home construction, but the suburbs certainly do – and new homes are constantly being built throughout Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Workers are at risk of being injured because by:

  • Slips and falls. Falling off of a roof, ladder ore scaffold, or slipping and falling into a ditch or low-set foundation, can lead to broken bones and back injuries.
  • Electric shock. New homes require a lot of electrical work. Your chances of being shocked or even electrocuted may increase depending on the weather or how good your products are.
  • Toxic chemicals. Insulation, mold spores, pesticides, industrial cleaners – you can be exposed to all of these toxins when you work in home construction. Over time, they can cause you to develop serious illnesses.
  • Burns. Open gas lines and power tools can make a lethal combination. Certain chemicals can also cause serious burns.
  • Heavy objects or machinery. You can be crushed by falling beams or objects, or hurt in the course of operating machines like diggers or concrete trucks. If you suffer an injury because of your heavy machinery or power tools, or if your safety equipment fails to protect you, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are home improvement builders focusing on new home construction or home renovation, you run the risk of being hurt on the job. Larry Pitt & Associates has helped thousands of people just like you when they suffered a work-related injury or illness. To make an appointment with an experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer, please contact one of our offices serving Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.