Why Was I Denied Social Security Disability if My Doctor Says I am Disabled?

You may be in debilitating pain or suffering from any number of other symptoms that keep you from being able to do your job, and your doctor has determined that you are disabled and that you should not be working at your current job. Given your doctor’s determination that you are disabled, you apply for Social Security Disability benefits only to be denied. You are feeling confused and maybe a bit angry and frustrated as you try to figure out what to do next. How can you be denied Social Security Disability when your doctor has said that you are disabled? Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons for your denial and some options for what your next steps might be.

How does the Social Security Administration define disability?

The source of your confusion at being denied your Social Security Disability claim by the SSA is that your doctor’s definition of disability and their definition of disability do not match up. The SSA has a strict definition of and rules about disability. If, for example, you work as a bricklayer and you suffered a serious back injury in an accident. After recovering from the injury you were left with excruciating pain, stiffness, the inability to bend and lift heavy objects among other symptoms. Knowing the requirements of your job as a bricklayer, your doctor says that you are disabled and should not return to doing that kind of work. It is possible, however, that you could still perform some other kind of work tasks that do not require so much physical activity. The Social Security Administration considers a person disabled when they meet either a medical, psychological or psychiatric impairment the does not allow them to perform any substantial gainful activity for at least 12 months.

Medical evidence required to prove you are disabled

Your medical evidence must present a compelling case that clearly communicates how your impairments keep you from being able to work. Your records must show that your condition is severe enough that you are unable to perform any kind of work, and they must be current (not older than 60-90 days). When you work with an experienced, Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney, they know how to work with your doctor to gather the evidence that you need to present a strong case.

Possible reasons for a SSD claim being denied

It might actually be possible that you meet the Social Security Administration’s requirements for disability, but there might have been other problems with your application. It could be that your doctor failed to provide the right medical evidence that shows how your medical condition impacts your ability to do your work.

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