Common Questions About Preparing for a SSDI Continuing Disability Review

Once you have been approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits, you will be subject to reviews periodically to ensure that you are still disabled enough to qualify for benefits. This review process is called continuing disability review (CDR). While you are receiving SSDI benefits, you will be subject to this process.

When it is time for your next CDR, you will receive a letter from your local Social Security office. The letter will contain information about the CDR process, and it will contain details about your right to file an appeal if you disagree with the outcome. In Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Disability Determination (BDD) is the state agency that supports the Social Security Administration (SSA) in determining the eligibility of Pennsylvanians for Social Security disability benefits.

What happens during a CDR?

By law, the SSA with the help of the local BDD will conduct periodic reviews of those receiving disability benefits. the DDS will review your medical records and consider your medical condition to see if you continue to fit the SSA’s definition of being disabled. CDRs are usually done on a three-year cycle.

What might trigger a CDR?

Factors that might signal that your disability is improving such as a return to work, medical evidence that your condition is improving, or is less severe. If your doctor or another third-party informs the Social Security Administration that you are not complying with your doctor’s treatment program, you may be required to participate in a CDR.

How does the CDR process work?

Once you have received the paperwork in the mail informing you of an upcoming CDR, you will complete the paperwork included. You can submit all your updated medical evidence and the BDD will analyze it. If your medical condition has not improved, the CDR process will end and your benefits will continue.

If the SSA and BDD decides that your condition has improved, and you are now able to work, your benefits will end, and you will be given the option to appeal the decision.

What happens if I don’t respond to the CDR notice?

If you fail to complete the forms and return them to the SSA, your benefits will be terminated.

How much must my health improve before I lose disability benefits?

There would have to be a significant improvement in your medical condition before your benefits are terminated. While you continue to be disabled, and your disabling condition keeps you from being able to generate significant gainful Activity (SGA), your benefits will remain as they are.

If you receive a letter scheduling you to complete a continuing disability review, you may want to contact your Philadelphia SSDI lawyer right away to get help proving to the SSA that your medical condition has not changed and that you still qualify for benefits.

Make sure that you continue to see your doctor on a regular basis. Follow your doctor’s treatment plan and report any worsening or improvement of your condition right away.

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