Collecting Workers’ Compensation After an Injury Sustained Helping a Coworker

March 30, 2016

There are a lot of everyday heroes out there – people who jump into dangerous situations when they see another person in need. Police, firefighters, EMTs and soldiers do it all the time, but so do average civilians. So what happens if you see a coworker in trouble and you rush over to help, and then are injured in the course of your actions? Are you entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania?

A new case before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court may decide the answer for you. The Legal Intelligencer calls if a “Good Samaritan” case, and it revolves around a construction worker who was seriously injured while trying to help a coworker who fell into a concrete pit. Tragically, his coworker died, and the man himself suffered “injuries to his leg, knee, foot, ribs, back, head and lungs.” Both the original judge on the case and an appellate court agreed that the worker was entitled to benefits, but the employer is appealing those decisions.

This case matters to injured Philadelphia workers because it could set a precedent for future awards to those who put their own safety and wellbeing at risk to save others. Instead of hailing this man as a hero, his employer is trying to deny his benefits. These are the types of cases that our Philadelphia worker’s compensation lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates take on – groundbreaking cases that can ultimately benefit people who have been hurt at work.

When can I file a claim for workers’ compensation in Philadelphia?

The decision for this case could change Pennsylvania’s workers’ comp cases for the better. Until then, you can still file a claim if you are hurt while in the course of your duties. You can file a claim for benefits within three years of your injury. You can also file a claim if you are hurt while not on your job site, but while in the course of your work. In other words, if you are required to attend an offsite function and you are injured, you may still be able to claim benefits. There are also additional benefits for workers who have sustained permanent injuries, such as the loss of a limb, or disfigurement.

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