Can I Get More Social Security Disability Benefits if My Medical Condition Gets Worse?

December 11, 2017

If you have been approved for and are receiving Social Security Disability benefits, then you have already beaten the odds. Getting approved for Disability benefits is quite challenging, and currently only about 50% or fewer applicants get approved for benefits. If you applied for benefits when your health condition was at a certain stage that allowed you to do some minimal, part-time work to supplement your benefits, but now your condition has gotten worse so that you are unable to work at all can you get more benefits from Social Security Disability?

How your worsening health impacts your Social Security Disability benefit amount

Not at all. While you must have a disabling condition to get approved for disability benefits, once you have been approved a worsening of your condition does not have a bearing on the amount of benefits that you will receive. The amount that you receive as a monthly disability payment is based on your Social Security earnings before you filed for disability. The amount of income you receive in disability benefits hinges on how many years you were working and how much money you paid in Social Security payroll deductions (FICA). The greater the number of years you worked and the greater the amount of your payments into Social Security, the larger the disability benefit payment will be. Your degree of disability does not have any bearing on how much you will receive each month.

How your SSI benefits might increase as your health condition declines

If you receive Supplemental Security Income, the amount of benefits you receive is based on your level of income. If you are unable to do part time work because your health condition has grown worse, you may qualify for more SSI benefits. As your countable monthly income decreases, your monthly SSI benefits could potentially increase. However, there is an upper limit of about $735 per month in 2017 that you can receive from SSI.

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