Workers’ Compensation for Nurses and Home Health Aides

March 24, 2016

Nurses and home health aides are exposed to stressful situations on a daily basis. These situations, far from being a standalone problem, can compound and result in long-term emotional and psychological effects. While these job descriptions have different requirements, both nurses and home health aides are exposed to similar situations all the time.

According to the U.S. Depart of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Home health aides help people with disabilities, chronic illness, or cognitive impairment with activities of daily living. They often help older adults who need assistance. In some states, home health aides may be able to give a client medication or check the client’s vital signs under the direction of a nurse or other healthcare practitioner.”

Similar jobs create similar conditions

Both jobs can result in work-related stress. Patients can be recalcitrant or even combative. Physically moving patients involves heavy lifting that can result in permanent injury. Even under optimal work conditions, employees in these industries are routinely exposed to hazardous biological and chemical substances. There are three main types of mental stress attributable to the work place. These include:

  1. Physical trauma resulting in mental fallout. Physically abusive patients can create a hazardous work environment. Post-traumatic stress disorder is just one of the potential results of an abusive work environment.
  2. Mental trauma resulting in a physical manifestation. Stress is bad for the body. Extreme mental stress can result in physical pain, skin conditions, weight problem and more.
  3. Mental trauma resulting in mental health problems. Stress isn’t just bad for your body, it’s bad for your mind. Trouble sleeping, depression and addiction issues are just a few of the effects of stress overload.

Workers’ compensation isn’t limited to physical injury. However, proving mental and emotional damage resulting from working conditions can be difficult and discouraging. If you or someone you know has suffered the effects of mental stress overload in the workplace, you may be entitled to compensation.

We can help

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