Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Bensalem, PA

Workers Hurt in Pennsylvania May Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Bensalem, PA to Maximize Their Recovery

Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Bensalem, PAThere are many ways that a worker could suffer a work-related injury or illness. Fortunately, Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws help injured workers recover compensation for lost wages and medical bills, and some other benefits in specific situations. This is a “no fault” system of benefits that does not require a worker to prove fault or liability. Rather, a worker must only demonstrate that the injury or illness was related to his or her employment. While this is usually easy to do, especially in a traumatic accident, some employers and WC carriers may give injured workers a hard time—even undervaluing claims. If this happens to you, call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Bensalem, PA, to protect your rights to compensation.

With the help of an experienced law firm like Larry Pitt & Associates, we can help you:

  • Give notice to an employer
  • Compile your medical records
  • Obtain police reports or accident reports
  • File a formal WC claim with the carrier
  • Hire experts to support your claim
  • File an appeal
  • Represent you at a hearing
  • Submit legal briefs in support of your position
  • Seek your legal remedies in court for adverse decisions, and
  • Handle nearly all aspects of your case.

Who is Entitled to Collect WC Benefits?

Any employee can collect WC benefits after an accident in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Part-time workers
  • Temporary workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Full-time workers
  • New employees
  • Terminated, resigned, or retiring employees who are packing up their office or locker, and
  • Any other employees who are employed by the company.

What Employers Are Required to Have WC Benefits in Pennsylvania?

Nearly all employers are required to obtain WC insurance and properly maintain it for their employees. Not only do employers have to obtain WC insurance, but they also must comply with Pennsylvania law in terms of giving notice of benefits to employees and timely submitting notice of a claim to the WC carrier.

Employers who fail to carry WC insurance and are required to do so may face civil and criminal liability.

Can I Obtain WC Benefits and SSDI/SSI At the Same Time?

Yes, you may be entitled to recover WC benefits and Social Security benefits (either SSDI or SSI, sometimes both) for severe and prolonged workplace injuries or illnesses. However, you will not be entitled to recover both sets of benefits in full. An offset calculation lowers the total amount of SSDI/SSI you may be entitled to. This is a complicated calculation that an experienced lawyer should review.

Can I Sue My Employer or a Negligent Third-Party for My Workplace Injuries?

Sometimes, but not always. Workers’ compensation is considered the “exclusive remedy” for injured workers in Pennsylvania. This means that an injured employee cannot sue an employer for workplace injuries in most instances. However, there are exceptions where the employer fails to carry WC benefits, intentionally harms the employee, or gives the employee an inherently dangerous task that was likely to maim or kill a worker. It is rare that an employee could sue an employer.

It is not as rare for an employee to sue a third-party who may have caused his or her injuries. This includes third-parties who cause a traffic accident (i.e., run a red light), fail to keep their property reasonably safe (i.e., slip and fall while working in a customer’s home), or other third-parties whom the same company does not employ.

Call Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Bensalem, PA for Help

At Larry Pitt & Associates, we have over 40 years of experience handling all types of workplace accidents or personal injury cases throughout Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a workplace accident, or if you or a loved one are suffering from a work-related illness, call (888)-PITT-LAW or (877) 748-8529 to schedule your FREE consultation to learn how we can help you recover the maximum WC benefits that you may be entitled to. You may also send us a message on our easy-to-use contact us box available here.

Our experienced workers’ comp lawyers in Bensalem, PA, will focus on your claim while you focus on healing and being with your family. Do not delay, call us today2



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