Work-Related Knee Issues

January 29, 2020

workers comp lawyer near meSince the knees are the largest joints in the body, it makes them more prone to injuries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, knee injuries result in an average of 16 missed workdays. Knees carry the brunt of everyday motions and activities, and when they are injured, it can be difficult or impossible to stand, sit, walk, run, or even lay down. Knee injuries sustained at work can lead to constant, significant pain, and long-term medical issues.

Common Knee Injuries and Treatments

Job-related knee injuries are often seen in employees who spend considerable time kneeling or carry heavy weight. Examples include cleaners, auto mechanics, carpenters, and construction workers. Common work injuries include:

Employees who experience pain, aches, or stiffness in their knees while working should inform their employers immediately and see their physicians. Depending on the severity, treatment generally involves using ice or heat, bracing, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and steroid injections. If none of these more conservative treatments help, surgery may be needed.

Avoiding Knee Injuries

Companies are responsible for their employees’ safety while on the job. To decrease the chances of knee injuries, work areas should be designed to allow workers to sit. Materials can be arranged so workers will not have to kneel or bend to lift and rolling stools can be used when floor work is required.

Other tips include using shock-absorbing knee pads and keeping workplaces free from tripping hazards; accidents can occur when people are not paying attention to their surroundings. Employees should also be trained on proper lifting methods, and be encouraged to stand up, take breaks, and stretch periodically. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the condition from worsening, so the pain should never be ignored. Furthermore, if an employee notices any safety issues, they should contact a manager right away.

Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Employees who experience work-related job injuries may be entitled to workers’ compensation for past, current, and future medical expenses, disability, and lost wages. It must be proven that their knee injuries were caused by their job-related activities, and documentation will be needed as evidence.

If the injury occurs suddenly as a result of an accident, it is essential to report it to a supervisor and seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Gradual stress injuries may be harder to link to work-related duties, but employees may still be entitled to compensation. These benefits do not include noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering. This may be the right time to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can help collect evidence and streamline the process. Having trusted legal guidance can lessen the chance of claim denial and improve the outcome.

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