The Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund for Workers’ Compensation

Almost all employers in Philadelphia are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Some large companies are self-insured, certain industries are self-regulated, federal employees have different rules, and domestic workers are exempt—but otherwise, your employer should be insured. Not every company, however, follows this important rule. In an effort to cut costs, some employers choose not to purchase WC insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance pays out benefits to employees who are injured on the job. Without proper coverage, injured workers are left in a tough spot, especially if they are unable to work while a stack of medical bills piles up. To help solve this problem, the state established the Uninsured Employer Guaranty Fund (UEGF) back in 2006. The goal is to cover wage losses and medical expenses for injured workers whose employers are uninsured. The Fund can also help you if your employer denies a legitimate WC claim.

If you find out that your employer is uninsured, first contact a Philadelphia workers compensation attorney to determine your options. Your lawyer may decide to apply for benefits under the Fund. This process is complicated and labor-intensive. You need to get started right away as the deadlines are tight. Do not delay.

Collecting under the Fund isn’t always easy

While the Fund is a great idea, it doesn’t always come through in practice. You only have 45 days to apply once you find out your employer is uninsured. If you apply late, you become ineligible for compensation. The application process is rigorous. You are required to fill out a stack of paperwork and provide proof. You must contact your supervisor and tell him or her that you are applying under the Fund.

Since its inception, the UEGF has been notoriously strict. They are quick to deny claims and can delay payment as well. We recommend the use of an attorney from the outset to help ensure you don’t run into unnecessary snags.

Will I get the same benefits with UEGF?

Just like a traditional workers’ comp claim, the UEGF offers wage replacement and reimbursement for medical costs associated with your injury. Medical expenses include hospital visits, doctor visits, medications, and medical devices. Wage replacement starts seven days from the date of your injury and pays up to a certain amount of your normal rate.

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