Tree Trimming Risks

Landscaping is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), landscape and horticultural service workers are at high risk of injury and fatality due to occupational hazards such as working at heights and handling dangerous equipment. Tree trimming is one of the job duties that puts workers at risk for falls, being struck by trees or equipment, and electrical contact injuries.

Common Tree Trimming Hazards

Landscapers and arborists who trim trees and perform line clearance face several hazards of the job. Common tree trimming hazards include:

Dangerous Equipment

Tree trimmers use dangerous equipment such as electric chain saws, tree pruners, pole saws, and woodchippers. Even when workers are properly trained on how to use such equipment, accidents happen. Without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), tree trimming equipment can cause workers to suffer traumatic injury or even death.


Tree trimmers may work in close proximity to power lines, putting them at risk of electrocution. Cut tree branches may come in contact with high voltage lines or the worker’s chain saw may hit power lines, causing the worker to suffer electrocution or serious electrical burn injuries. All workers should exercise caution when working around live overhead wires; OSHA requires non-electrical trained workers to stay at least ten feet away.

Falling Trees or Branches

Struck-by accidents are common in the landscaping industry. Falling objects such as trees, tree branches, and hand tools may strike workers below with accelerating force, causing serious, potentially fatal impact injuries. Before beginning tree trimming operations and after assessing the work area and terrain, employers should establish a drop zone and a plan for safe trimming to safeguard workers from falling objects.

Flying Particles

Mobile woodchippers and shredders are commonly used in tree trimming to break down tree material. Such equipment contains sharp, rotating blades and other hazards that can cause crushing injuries, amputations, and other serious injuries. They may also cause wood chips and other objects to become airborne, potentially striking nearby workers. Those working with woodchippers should always wear safety eye goggles to protect themselves from flying debris.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets forth various standards for fall protection, depending on the industry and the height at which workers are performing their job duties. Tree trimmers often work at elevations of six feet or higher – placing them at higher risk of death from fall accidents, according to OSHA. Employers are required to provide PPE such as personal fall arrest systems; yet, lack of fall protection remains of the commonly cited OSHA violations year after year.


Landscapers work for long hours, often outside and in all types of weather. This places them at risk of overexertion, especially during the hot summer months. Heat stress can lead to various illnesses ranging in severity, from heat exhaustion to heat stroke. Employers can help prevent overexertion and heat stress injuries by encouraging workers to take breaks, providing cool-down stations and fresh water, and providing workers with the appropriate sweat-wicking attire.

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