The Real Reason You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer if You Get Injured at Work

March 24, 2015

When Pennsylvania native Dennis Whedbee lost part of an arm in a horrific accident in 2012, he assumed that he could rely on workers’ compensation to help him. After all, isn’t that what workers’ comp is for – to protect workers who are hurt on the job? But it is now 2015, and Mr. Whedbee has had to fight for every penny he’s received because the injury took place on a job site in North Dakota, where the rules and laws governing workers’ compensation are designed to help employers and insurance companies – not workers.

While Pennsylvania is considered more employee-friendly in terms of how much compensation you can collect, it can be very, very difficult to get the full amount you deserve without the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. If you try to navigate the system yourself – especially if you work in Pennsylvania but live in a different state, or vice versa – you could end up losing compensation that you need to protect yourself and your family while you recover.

What is your body worth?

Like every other state, Pennsylvania also offers a chart which designated how much money your different body parts are worth if you lose one in a workplace accident. These are called “specific losses,” and they separate from the rest of your workers’ compensation. PA compensates victims for a set number of weeks for the injury, plus additional time for healing from that injury. Thus, your little toe is worth 16/6, or 24 weeks of pay, while your arm or leg are worth 410/20, or 430 weeks of pay. These are additional payments, however, and they are in addition to what you would normally receive in workers’ compensation.

While it may seem a bit “morbid” to discuss your body like this, it is imperative that your exact injury is put forth by your doctor. Here at Larry Pitt & Associates, we work with doctors all the time to ensure that our clients’ injuries are recorded correctly and in full. Once the medical records are supplied, we help our clients with the application process to ensure that they get the full benefits for their injuries.

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