Telling the Truth about Your Disability Effectively to a Judge

January 11, 2018

When you are applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you are essentially in a contest that more than 70% of applicants will lose. You can improve your chances greatly if you can come up with a compelling story–an effective elevator pitch–about why you are unable to work, and why you should be approved for benefits.

When you can speak clearly and concisely about your impairments, you come across as articulate and prepared and you gain valuable credibility in the eyes of the judge. Depending on how many years they have held the job, the administrative law judge has heard hundreds of not thousands of people ramble on about the long history of their disability. What we want to do today is offer a few tips about how you can develop a concise and compelling story about why you are disabled.

What does the judge want to know?

You have submitted piles of paperwork, you have submitted medical evidence and your residual functional capacity to perform work tasks has been assessed. What the ALJ wants to hear is why you are unable to work. In less than a minute, your goal is to be able to give a summary of what your disabling condition it is, and how it is keeping you from being able to do even the simplest, entry-level work.

You must give detailed yet concise answers about what your disability is, whether it is a diagnosis of a disabling disease, a combination of symptoms or the effects of an injury. You need to be able to describe what treatments you have undergone and how they have affected you, and you need to describe how your disability keeps you from working and how it effects your life at home.

Having a concise statement at the ready will also be useful when you must see a new doctor and explain what is happening with you. Being able to tell an effective story about your disability will help you feel more confident and prepared as you work through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

Your Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer will work with you to help you develop a compelling story that communicates exactly what your disability is and how it is affecting your life.

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