Social Security’s New Health Information Technology

October 26, 2017

Some people need more help with things, such as funds, than other people do, and one source of extra help for people who need it is the Social Security Administration (SSA). In order to grant extra help to people who need it, the SSA requires that it receives and reviews all information, including potential Social Security disability (SSD) benefits recipients’ medical records.

How does the Social Security Administration receive applicants’ medical records?

In the past, the SSA received applicants’ medical records via snail mail, via fax, etc. However, how the SSA receives applicants’ medical records is changing. The SSA is beginning to receive applicants’ medical records more directly and more quickly from hospitals and clinics via a different method of electronic transmission. Thus, the SSA’s new health information technology (HIT) program is an innovative approach bringing the swiftness and potency of electronic medical records to the time consuming process during which the SSA decides whether an applicant has a disability.

Why is the Social Security Administration’s new health information technology program happening?

The old ways by which the SSA received applicants ‘medical records, such as secure snail mail and fax, were inefficient, untimely, and costly. In fact, in the past, months could pass before medical professionals send Social Security Disability benefits applicants’ medical records to the SSA. However, since the SSA receives applicants’ medical records via an improved electronic method, the SSA receives said medical records within minutes or seconds, as opposed to months. As a result, applicants whom the SSA decides indeed have disabilities can receive benefits faster.

In addition, the HIT program is less costly, and the HIT program being less costly benefits all parties.  Moreover, roughly 11,000,000 Americans presently get some type of SSD benefits, and millions of other Americans apply for SSD benefits. Furthermore, the HIT program’s size and reach is increasing steadily.

Who is involved with the health information technology program?

Of course, the SSA is involved with the HIT program. But a myriad of quality and experienced medical organizations and facilities also are associated with the HIT program. The wide myriad of organizations and facilities associated with the SSA’s HIT program includes Baltimore, Maryland’s Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The SSA’s new health information technology program is changing the way by which the SSA receives SSD benefits applicants’ medical records, and the number of organizations associated with the HIT program is increasing. Hopefully, this new initiative indeed will yield an abundance of fruit, which benefits everyone.

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