Preventing Falls in the Workplace

June 23, 2017

Falls are one of the top four causes of workplace injury and death in workplaces such as construction sites. To help make workplaces safer, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is initiating a fall prevention campaign. (OSHA) is the federal agency with oversight for workplace safety in the United States. Federal law requires that employers must provide safe and healthful workplaces for their employees. When a worker suffers an injury while they are doing their job, if the conditions of the accident were a result of a violation of OSHA safety regulations, the employer may face steep fines and other penalties. In 2015, of the 937 construction workplace fatalities, 350 were fatal falls (Bureau of Labor Statistics). These fatalities were preventable.

OSHA’s fall prevention program intends to save lives through three steps:

  • Employers are encouraged to plan so that work can be performed safely. Employers must plan projects that involve working from heights such as on a scaffold, ladder or roof. They must plan contingencies for the hazards workers might face and choose fall protection gear suited to the work being performed.
  • When work will be done at six feet or more above a lower level, workers face serious injury or death from a fall. Employers must provide fall protection such as personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), make sure they fit properly, and regularly inspect the equipment making sure that it is in safe condition.
  • Employers must train employees about the hazard conditions and how to use the safety equipment.

OSHA has published a Fall Prevention Training Guide for employers to give fall prevention training to their employees.

Pennsylvania workers who sustain a workplace injury may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation, which is a state-run program that provides medical expenses and a partial wage replacement disability benefit. Pennsylvania workers’ compensation also offers other benefits such as lump sum payments for loss-of-use injuries, rehabilitation and job-retraining for workers who are unable to return to the work they did prior to their injury, and a death benefit that relatives receive when a loved one is killed in a workplace accident.

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