Pennsylvania Reduces Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rate

May 18, 2017

For employers, the cost of maintaining workers’ compensation insurance has always been a complaint. In PA, any business with employees is required to carry workers’ comp insurance. The only businesses that are exempt are those where the owner or owners are also the only employees. One way that PA legislators and politicians are working to encourage industry and job growth is by lowering the rate, and thus the cost, of workers’ compensation insurance.

One misconception is that this change will somehow limit who is able to qualify for workers’ compensation, or reduce the amount of benefits paid out. But this is not the case. This rate decrease will not affect the amount or eligibility for workers. Instead it will mean that employers may be able to afford to offer better insurance to their employees, or put more money into infrastructure, or community outreach.

Reductions won’t be uniform across the board

It’s important to note that not every job or industry is eligible for this rate reduction. While the average reduction across every field will be over 6%, some may stay the same, or even increase slightly, depending on the inherent dangers of that field. Office work is usually considered “safer” than construction, but there are still risks to workers in every job. The Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau will calculate the reductions in rates for each business. Each state has its own individual workers’ compensation premium rate, and last year Pennsylvania ranked 26th in the nation. That rate has been creeping down over the past five years: in 2012 PA was 12th, and in 2014 PA was 17th.

What that means for employees is that they can reliably expect their employers to carry current and fairly priced workers’ compensation insurance, in case of any on the job injury. That doesn’t mean that every workers’ compensation case will be paid quickly, or without dispute. Often, legal assistance is needed to ensure that you receive what you are due.

If you or someone you know has been injured on the job, or needs help with his or her workers’ compensation claim, speak to a Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss the claims and eligibility processes involved in getting the benefits that you deserve. When you’re injured on the job, getting to appointments and asking for assistance can feel overwhelming.  When you do need help, an experienced attorneys at Larry Pitt & Associates can help make sure you get the support and benefits you are entitled to. Please contact us or call 888.PITT.LAW for further information, discussion, or representation in these matters. We serve clients throughout Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.