Over 40 Years

Representing Workers in Philadelphia, PA

Representing Workers in Philadelphia, PA


One of the BEST Workman's Comp Lawyers in Philadelphia. Guided me every step of the way, with the positive and negatives that could happen in my case. So happy I stuck with Larry Pitt & Associates
Melinda Matson

Answered or returned calls and emails in a timely fashion. The employees at this firm are working for us the employee, not the employers. Very professional.
Anna Diaz

Best Workman's Comp law firm in the Philadelphia area. 100% happy with the outcome of my case.
Donna Elmwood

Excellent, efficient service!!! Very knowledgeable staff!! Highly recommend
Sal Vito

Larry and Phyllis, just want to personally thank you for going the extra mile to help me secure my case. Really appreciate everything you have done for me and my family. The greatest workplace injury lawyer in Pennsylvania!!
Brian Woodworth

SSD Lawyer in Philadelphia

Experienced Social Security Disability Lawyer That Also Handles Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury

Larry Pitt & Associates has protected the rights of injury victims for 35 years. Whether you were hurt on the job and need help applying for workers’ compensation, or have suffered a personal injury so catastrophic you can no longer provide for yourself and need Social Security Disability benefits, we are ready to help you. To schedule a free consultation with a skilled Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney, please call 215-546-0012 or fill out our contact form.

Why You Want a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Philadelphia is always on the move; because of that, there are a lot of workers doing a lot of jobs in a very small amount of space. Accidents are bound to happen. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor’s guide to the Workers Compensation Act is 361 pages alone – and that is only the guide! If you have been disabled at work because of injury or illness you should seek counsel that is very familiar with workers’ compensation laws and the city of Philadelphia. You want to protect yourself and make sure you are recovering the lost wages and medical costs that you deserve. You shouldn’t have to settle for less than you warrant just because the workers’ compensation laws are so confusing.

At Larry Pitt & Associates, we can:

  • File your claim
  • Help you collect your documentation
  • Negotiate with your employer’s insurance company
  • Conduct depositions
  • Prepare you for cross-examinations by opposing attorneys
  • Represent you in hearings and in court

Helping All Victims of Serious Accidents and Injuries

Pine Street is popular with tourists looking for antiques or a real community experience. With so much foot and motor vehicle traffic in the area, the chances of having a serious accident can increase. Our qualified Philadelphia personal injury attorneys are very familiar with the Pennsylvania court system and have vast trial experience – but we also know how to negotiate a settlement if a trial is not right for you. You will know when you are in a hearing that you have someone there who will fight for your rights and will make sure your best interests are represented after an accident causes you harm. If that accident, or another serious illness or injury, renders you partially, permanently or fatally disabled, we can help you through the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits as well.

A Trusted Authority for Helping Injured Workers in Center City Philadelphia

When you are hurt, you want someone who knows how to fight for you. The law firm of Larry Pitt & Associates has more than 35 years of experience and has handled thousands of workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability and personal injury cases. Our clients are our number one priority. Our knowledgeable attorneys will walk you through the process and explain everything to you every step of the way. You can then concentrate on your recovery while we take care of your claim.

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