How Non-Medical Evidence Can Contribute to Your Social Security Disability Claim

January 13, 2017

Given that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are based on a person’s being disabled to the point where they are unable to work, medical evidence is the foundation of any claim. However, there are certain types of non-medical evidence that can strengthen your claim.

You file an application for SSDI benefits to prove to the federal government that you have a disabling mental or physical illness or injury that prevents you from earning a living. The medical evidence that your doctor will provide is vital to your case, but in a practical sense, the medical evidence does not tell the whole story of how your impairment keeps you from being able to work. There are other forms of evidence that you can provide to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to show that you have tried to work, but your disability kept you from doing so.

What is an example of non-medical evidence?

If your disability has been increasingly interfering with your ability to show up at work every day and do your job successfully, your work records are an important piece of evidence. Whether your work history reveals a consistent pattern of attendance in the past with increasing absences caused by frequent visits to the doctor, or the need to miss work due to being too sick or in too much pain.

If you are a parent, your spouse and your children can speak to your diminished capacity. Have you had to miss important family events, school events or other activities because of doctor visits or because you just did not feel up to it? Your coworkers are witnesses to the fact that you used to be a strong member of the team, but now you are always calling in sick and you are often unable to contribute on a consistent level.

Statements from the people in your life about how your disability is affecting you will help the SSA see that your disability is not only having an impact on your ability to work, but to function in the rest of your life.

Working with a Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney

If you are working with a Philadelphia SSD attorney, you already have the benefit of their years of experience helping countless other clients before you to prepare a compelling case and increase their odds of getting their application for SSD benefits approved. At the law firm of Larry Pitt & Associates, we guide you through the process of compiling the right evidence and putting together a successful application for Social Security Benefits.

If you, or someone you care about has a disabling condition but is having trouble in getting Social Security Disability benefits in the Philadelphia area, we are here to help. Consult with a Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer at Larry Pitt & Associates. For more information, call 888.PITT.LAW or contact us to schedule an appointment at any of our offices located in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties.