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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Explains Brain & Head Injuries

Ask an Injury Lawyer Like Ours For Help After Suffering Brain & Head Injuries

One of the most catastrophic types of personal injuries are head injuries, especially when head injuries result in brain injuries.  Whether you are injured on the job or in an accident, asking an injury attorney for help is imperative to protecting your rights to compensation under Pennsylvania law.  These are complicated types of injuries and require legal counsel who understand not just the law, but also the anatomy and medicine behind any brain & head injuries.

What is the Difference Between a Brain Injury and a Head Injury?

A brain injury is damage done to the brain itself.  This can be caused by an impact, blow, or force upon the brain that results in sheering, tearing, or physical damage.  Some types of brain injuries can be caused by chemical changes in the brain too, such as bleeding or due to swelling after an incident.

In contrast, a head injury is damage done to the head itself including the muscles, bones, nerves, and other structures on or in the head.  This includes some common injuries like TJI, partial or total blindness, or other related damage.

How Do Head & Brain Injuries Happen?

Head injuries most frequently occur from falls, car accidents, assaults, and related types of events.  The workplace is where head injuries are most likely to occur, especially construction sites in Pennsylvania.  TBIs can result from the very same types of incidents but are often more devastating and the impacts are prolonged, disabling, and often permanent.

Types of Brain & Head Injuries

There are several different types of brain injuries or head injuries that a victim should ask a workers’ compensation lawyer for help within Pennsylvania.  This includes the following:

Concussions are a prevalent TBI that can be mild or extremely severe. A well-known place where concussions happen is in sports. A concussion is when the brain is so jarred that it bangs against the skull. Concussions can lead to permanent disability, severe mental illness, and death.

Brain contusions, or bruises, and brain hemorrhaging or bleeding are also TBIs that can be caused by similar means.

Skull fractures are when the bone protecting the brain is broken, which can deflect inwards and cause physical damage to the brain.

Penetrating brain injuries are when foreign matter or debris pierces the skull and damages the brain.

How to Obtain Relief from a Head or Brain Injury

If you experienced a head or brain injury in a workplace accident, contact an experienced Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer at Larry Pitt & Associates, P.C. for a FREE consultation.  You may be entitled to medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your work injury.  In rare instances, you may have a personal injury claim entitling you to pain and suffering too. Call us for a FREE consultation by dialing 1-888-PITT-LAW or send us a secured message here.





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