Do You Really Need an Attorney?

December 6, 2013

In the aftermath of a car or other accident, you have a lot on your hands. You are in pain and forced to miss work for a period of time. All the while, the insurance adjustor for the at-fault driver is pressuring you to settle your claim. The lump sum of money upfront would be good, and the insurance agent says you do not need a lawyer for the type of injury you suffered. Do you really need an attorney?

The answer depends on you. You know your injury and the pain it has caused you. But what you do not know can hurt you for a long time to come.

If you are injured in a car accident in Delaware County or anywhere in Pennsylvania, insurance coverage is intended to pay for personal and property damage. Consider these points about the help the insurance companies are giving you:

*        Even your own insurance agent is not working in your best interests. From a company perspective, the aim of an insurance agent is to pay out as little as possible. The decision to retain an attorney is your own. If an insurance adjustor tells you an attorney is unneeded, be cautious of the person’s motives.

*        Unless insurance is your business, you are likely not aware of the range of compensation allotted for injuries like yours. Involvement of an attorney usually ensures a settlement proposal is not a low-ball offer.

Time is needed to understand the severity of your injury and how you heal. Settling quickly can have a devastating effect if your relatively minor injury turns out to be disabling in the long run.

Consulting a reputable attorney after an accident usually costs nothing. Not having legal representation can ultimately cost you a lot. The decision is yours.