What Can a Social Security Disability Attorney Do to Help Me Win My Claim for Benefits?

August 19, 2016

You have no doubt heard the stories of how long it can take to get a Social Security Disability application approved, and you have heard that getting a lawyer can speed things up. Or, you may have a complicated case such as a complex mental illness or a hidden disability such as fibromyalgia and you wonder if a lawyer can help make sure that your case is presented in a compelling way that increases your chances of getting approved. Let us take a look at what a Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer can and cannot do for you.

You benefit from your attorneys experience

Since you have probably never applied for Social Security Disability benefits before, you will not have as clear an understanding of how the program works as your Philadelphia SSD attorney would have after having helped many other applicants before you successfully with their application for disability benefits. A Social Security Disability lawyer will take on the whole complicated task of managing the application process, and giving you legal guidance when you have to make difficult decisions along the way. You benefit from their years of experience in preparing and presenting a strong case. They know exactly what the SSA wants to see and they know how to work with your doctor to get the evidence that you need.

You may feel more confident having legal representation when you are facing reconsideration

If your claim is one of the 60 to 70 percent of initial applications that gets rejected, you are allowed up to 60 days to request reconsideration. During the reconsideration process, your claim will be reviewed by your local Disability Determination Service (DDS).

You have already had a claim denied and you are preparing for a disability hearing

One thing that a SSD lawyer can be very helpful with is in procuring an OTR (on the record) decision on your behalf. Your attorney will be able to produce a brief that presents your case along with any new medical records that convinces the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to approve your application.

If the OTR decision is not favorable, you will have to attend a hearing where your attorney can present your case along with witnesses that can speak to the merits of your case.

How much will a Social Security Disability lawyer cost me?

SSD attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay them if they win your case. Your attorney fee arrangement will be reviewed first by the Social Security Administration to make sure that it is in compliance with their guidelines. The SSA limits attorney fees to not more than 25 percent of the back pay benefits that you win. You need not pay your SSD lawyer up front as their fee gets deducted from your first disability check by the SSA and sent directly to them. You may be required to pay for the expenses that your lawyer will incur in working your case. These would be the only payments you would make to your lawyer from your own money.

While hiring a Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyer will not guarantee that your disability claim will be approved, and they cannot make the process go any faster, they can help improve your chances of getting approved, they can take on the legal and administrative burden so that you can focus on taking care of yourself.

A good Social Security Disability attorney will be your strong advocate and they will fight to win your case.

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