Bosses Who Bully

October 29, 2019

Bosses who bully not only cause employees to suffer psychological distress and job dissatisfaction, they also erode workplace safety, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. The study revealed that employees who are bullied by supervisors enact fewer safety behaviors than those who are not subject to abusive supervision. Pennsylvania employees who were injured at work, regardless of cause, may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Importance of Positive Team Dynamic in the Workplace

The study’s authors emphasize the importance of having a positive team dynamic in the workplace. According to the study’s co-author, an adverse relationship between abusive supervision and safety behavior implies that curbing leaders’ bad behavior will lead to fewer negative safety consequences.

Workers who are uncertain about their social standing within the company may feel a diminished sense of belonging. The study found that this diminished sense of belonging was associated with a stronger adverse relationship between abusive supervision and safety behavior. Also, when an employee’s need for belongingness was satisfied, the negative relationship between abusive supervision and safety behavior was minimized.

The researchers behind the study suggest that when employees are treated poorly by their supervisors, they tend to lash out by being late, not performing job tasks correctly, not working efficiently, taking longer breaks, and taking more days off. These behaviors all contribute to a more stressful work environment.

Curbing Abusive Supervision

After surveying 468 manufacturing technicians and 589 airline pilots, the study’s researchers concluded that employees’ safety behavior may be worsened when they are treated poorly, particularly when they are made to feel unvalued by the work group. They recommend that organizations take steps to stop bosses who bully from continuing their detrimental behavior so there will be fewer negative safety consequences in the workplace. Some of their suggestions include:

  • Implement training programs to improve supervisors’ interpersonal skills and reduce instances of bad behavior
  • Promote a civil, positive work environment/company culture to enhance rapport between supervisors and employees
  • Have transparent performance evaluation processes in place to reduce workers’ uncertainty regarding their status/social standing
  • Provide employees with resources, such as stress management training

Workers’ Compensation for Work-Related Injuries

Pennsylvania employees who are injured at work or who develop work-related illnesses may collect workers’ compensation benefits. There are several types of benefits available under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, including compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Those who have been injured or diagnosed with a work-related illness should contact a local attorney for assistance with their claim as the laws on workers’ compensation vary by state.

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