Auto Accidents Are a Common Cause of Workplace Injury

November 1, 2016

Workers’ compensation is a state program that provides partial wage replacement disability income and medical coverage for employees who are injured on the job. It covers employees who suffer injuries during the course of their regular work tasks. Here are some of the circumstances under which a car accident would typically be covered under workers’ compensation:

  • Driving is part of an employee’s regular work tasks.
  • The employee was running an errand for their employer as part of their work duties.
  • The worker was transporting another employee for a work-related purpose.
  • The vehicle can be considered the employee’s office.

If an employee gets into a car accident on their own time either on their way to work or on their way home after work, the purpose of their car trip was not work-related and would not be covered by workers’ compensation. A skilled Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyer, like those of us at Larry Pitt & Associates, can help you determine whether or not your accident would be covered.

What if the employee actually caused the car accident?

Because workers’ compensation is a no-fault program, the employee would still be covered as long as they were driving for work-related purposes. There is a circumstance under which an employee would not be covered by workers’ compensation for a car accident and that would be if the employee were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Accidents with injuries caused by another driver

Let’s say an employee is driving a company vehicle during the course of his or her daily work tasks and they get broadsided by another vehicle that ran a red light in an intersection. In this case, the employee could be eligible to receive both workers’ compensation and damages from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance. In this case, the injured employee would receive partial wage replacement and medical expenses from their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, and from the other driver’s policy they could receive full wage replacement, and compensation for their pain and suffering from their injuries.

When you have the competent support of an experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney on your side, you can let go of the worry and feel confident that your interests are being represented when you have been injured in a car accident at work. At Larry Pitt & Associates, we offer all of the legal guidance and support that you need. Please feel free to call us at 888.PITT.LAW or fill out our quick contact form to schedule a case review with a workers’ compensation lawyer serving Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.