Approved Physical Impairments for Social Security Disability

Helping the Physically Disabled in Philadelphia Obtain the Help They Need

The Social Security Administration recognizes certain physical impairments as acceptable injuries or conditions for Social Security Disability benefits. However, having a physical condition on the list does not guarantee that you will automatically receive benefits. You must still follow the proper procedure for filing, and provide ample medical proof from a doctor that you have the disability and that your ability to work is impeded by it.

At Larry Pitt & Associates, we understand the process of applying for SSD benefits – and we want to help you through it. Our experienced Philadelphia Social Security Disability lawyers have helped thousands of people just like you who suffered from a debilitating and/or permanent physical disability. That is why we are a trusted name and resource for people in and around Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County. If you believe you are entitled to SSD benefits, let us help you get them.

Accepted Physical Disabilities

A physical disability can be acquired (like breaking your back in a fall, or developing a disease or condition like Multiple Sclerosis), congenital (where you are born with a condition, like a heart defect) or hereditary (where a condition, like hemophilia for example, is passed through the genes). Certain mental or “impairments considered severe enough to prevent an individual from doing any gainful activity” according to the SSA. Those physical impairments include:

  • Cardiovascular system conditions, such as heart attacks and strokes
  • Digestive system conditions, such as those caused by liver disease or by conditions like IBS
  • Endocrine disorders affecting the adrenal, pancreas, parathyroid, pituitary and thyroid glands
  • Genitourinary disorders, or chronic kidney disease or disorders
  • Hematological disorders such as hemophilia
  • Immune system disorders like HIV/AIDS
  • Malignant neoplastic disorders like cancer
  • Musculoskeletal system conditions like arthritis or a spinal cord injury
  • Neurological conditions including Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, cerebral palsy, MS, muscular dystrophy, ALS or a traumatic brain injury
  • Respiratory system conditions like mesothelioma
  • Skin disorders, such as those resulting from burns or presenting with lesions
  • Special senses and speech problems, such as vision or hearing loss

Acceptable physical impairments can range from visible amputations to a less clear – but just as medically acceptable – diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The SSA’s list of acceptable conditions is comprehensive, but that does not mean that you are ineligible if your condition is not on their list. Larry Pitt & Associates has successfully represented clients whose medical conditions were unlisted but still serious enough to prevent them from working. Whether you need help with your initial application or your previous attempt for claim Social Security Disability benefits was denied, our Philadelphia law firm can help.

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyers at Larry Pitt & Associates Assist People With Physical Disabilities in Their Quest for SSD Benefits

Larry Pitt & Associates has proudly represented people throughout Berks CountyBucks CountyChester CountyDelaware CountyMontgomery County and Philadelphia County for the last 40 years. If you have a long-term, permanent or fatal physical impairment, we want to help you get the Social Security Disability benefits you need to protect yourself and your family. Please call 888-PITT-LAW or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation at one of our multiple office locations.





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