5 Common Hurdles to Overcome in the Social Security Disability Claims Process

May 3, 2016

Americans are fortunate in that they have access to Social Security Disability benefit income when they are suffering from a disease that prevents them from being able to work and generate income to support themselves. In order to prevent abuse, and to make sure that the program is serving those who need it the most, the application process for obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is quite complicated and time consuming. Applicants face many obstacles in their path as they try to navigate the process of applying for SSD benefits. As experienced Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorneys who have helped countless people complete their applications for benefits, all of us at Larry Pitt & Associates are aware of a few common hurdles that applicants must overcome in the process. The top 5 hurdles include:
  1. Documents, paperwork and deadlines. Just completing the application for SSD can be a daunting process. You will have to gather a massive amount of medical documentation. You can help the Social Security Administration help you by making sure that you submit all of the required paperwork along with the names and contact information for all of the doctors who have treated you for your condition. When you submit all of the documentation they ask for your help make the process move more smoothly and quickly.
  2. The Severity of your disability. If your condition does not qualify as a “severe disability” by the SSA, your case may be denied.
  3. Your ability to do “other work.” While your medical condition may prevent you from doing the work required of your current employment position, you may qualify for “other work.” If so, your case may be denied.
  4. Denials and appeals. Approximately 60 percent of initial SSD claims are denied, which means that the applicant will likely appeal their case. Your appeal is a prime chance to get your application approved, so do not squander it by trying to file the appeal on your own. While this may be your first application for Social Security Disability benefits, you lawyer has years of experience helping countless SSD applicants before you get the benefits they need.
  5. Time. An SSD case can take anywhere from six months to two years or more until your application is approved and benefits begin. In the meantime, you may have little or no income, and you can easily become distracted by delays and endless waiting.

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney team at Larry Pitt & Associates is proud to provide its clients with excellent service. When you work with one of our attorneys, you will have the benefit of more than 35 years of legal experience working on your behalf in pursuit of your SSD claim.

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